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    Thanks for the awesome weekend Ryan and Gretchen! It's always a great pleasure to be involved with you guys and central Oregon disc golfing! This was my first sanctioned event as an actual PDGA member. Thanks for the additional math skills too, I think my brain was fried from the sun

    Disc Addiction, thanks for setting up shop and sharing your business and talents. I enjoyed your company and friendly attitude at the tent.

    Huk Lab, also thank you for being there and sharing your piece of the disc golf pie. Again, nothing but friendliness and helpfulness.

    The only gripe I had all weekend was how sore I was for work on Monday.


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      Originally posted by discVENTures View Post
      Danni and Yammits,

      Sorry for my overreaction. I need to learn how to accept criticism and move on without retaliating. I am practicing right now.

      Thank you both for your contributions to the event.
      I think you guys should keep arguing. It's interesting.


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        if it aint one thing its another.......Do 9 out of 10 great things and the 1 will get all the attention.

        Ryan does and always has done his best to make sure that ALL players have a great time at the multitude of events that he has run over the years.

        The way the PDGA model is for Ams these days....players are lucky not to be playing for MOST amateurs do in MOST other sports.

        Low entry fees and payouts that are spread deep...with a heavy lean on player amenities,,,such as players packs...lunches,etc. that ALL entrants can enjoy...not just those that sandbag their way along, so they can WIN in a lesser division.

        As for the dumping of "mostly water" into a bush.......
        Yes it was only a "little bit" of TOXIC waste......but it was only about 40 steps further to the sink inside the building.

        For instance.....just this last was just one small sig butt that could have burned down our course...if not for the Skate Park crew who discovered the fire and got it out before it spread beyond control.

        There will always be someone who isn't quite happy with the payouts....and that person is usually the one who won a division that they shouldn't have been in to begin with............

        As stated in an earlier post by someone who obviously gets it......

        If you are playing this sport to make $...then you ought to be playing PRO.

        Great thanks to Ryan and Gretchen Lane for yet another outstanding event that I was given the chance to show my (not so) awesome putting skills at.

        Thanks to HukLab for the support...AND to Danni for the Dye services...the ones I saw looked to be awesome.

        Looking forward to the next Disc Venture..............


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