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  • Good times at Skyline!

    I'd been meaning to play this course ever since I heard it was getting put in, but had never gotten around to it until this year. The Sunday after the Fernburner, we decided to give this course a whirl. It's pay to play of course, but totally, totally worth it. Also totally worth it: a friggin' cart! I think it's $12 per round to rent a cart, and on top of the fun of being able to drive a cart with discs in the back, this place has some serious hills. You could walk it if you wanted, but unless you're a masochist, you'll be much happier with a cart.

    As you could expect with a ball golf course, the holes are mostly open, but they've made good use of the trees and elevation to provide good challenging golf shots. It was also laid out well in that we didn't seem to be interfering with the ball golfers.

    Great views were to be had, but like the five bumbling dummkopfs we were, none of us thought to bring a camera or even our phones along. Luckily, one of the employees, Sean, wasn't doing much of anything else and so followed us around snapping some pictures along the way. Here's a few of them:

    Me putting at the elevated pin on Hole 1:

    The group eyeing down Hole 3 (it looks a lot higher from the tee!):

    Curt M. putting on Hole 7:

    Chuck driving Hole 9:

    Chuck taking a particularly aggressive putt :

    Aaron T. driving on Hole 11. It's not a hard hole, but definitely the most memorable one. Just damn cool.:

    I know it's out of the way and all, but play Skyline and the Mud, and you've got a fantastic day of disc golf. Or better yet, stay at Lucky Mud and make a weekend out of it!

    Oh yeah, about halfway through our round, Lowell Shields caught up to us, playing solo with his wife Chris caddying. Still hot from his play at the 'Burner, also playing the course for the first time, he shot a -9, which I do believe was a new course record.
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    Great pictures!

    It is a fun little course, we enjoy it quite a bit. BUT unlike all of you guys we walk it, that also includes my 8 year old son, who was 7 when we started to play there.


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      Hey. I walk Mud all the time (so I'm gunna ride there?).

      Yeah, 11's a kick (good FLX Buzzz hole).

      Sean the "employee?" Or Sean the Skyline DG Man? (Reminds me of all the times I get called "the grounds keeper" while owning part of the land don't get me a promotion.)

      Course record? Didn't Jerry Miller toss two rounds at -11 each to win the first tourney?
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        Sheesh, you guys are on my case! OK, so the day we played was a scorcher, so maybe that helped the carts seem that much more valuable (also good for driving ahead and scoping out unfamiliar holes...and did I mention fun?) So Sean's not an employee there? He just followed us around, helped us spot and such, but wasn't interested in playing with us when we asked him. And as to the course record, I don't know, has the layout changed maybe? I do remember back in the ODSA era, Jerry saying something about shooting hot rounds there. I just know that as we were packing up and getting ready for the long haul back to Seattle, Lowell came out of the pro shop and said in his "aww shucks" kind of manner, "Shot a nine down. The guy said that's the new course record."
        Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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          Admittedly, I haven't been there in a while (but then, Sean hasn't been here either). As far as I know, Sean, son of the owners, initiated and laid out the course. I hear he can knock a golf ball over the back fence of their driving range. I believe he is 'Ultraflight 26' on this board.
          The Corporate Empire is NOT a Constitutional Republic...
          ...but it plays one on TV.


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