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  • Lucky me, lucky mud

    After four years of disc golf, I finally made my first trip to the Mud yesterday. It won't take me four years to get back, I promise you that.
    The Lucky Mud was everything I've ever heard it was, and more. I'm not sure how many times I said "Wow!" while looking at the scenery, but it was probably over a hundred.

    Matthew was a trooper and played all 24 holes. Barbara (my wife) was a trooper and spotted for us on most of the field holes.

    The lower part of the course (baskets for one and two, hole 3, basket for hole 4) is the most beautiful stretch of golf course I've ever been on. The rest of the course wasn't far behind. Bob is a great tour guide and an amazing disc finder (as he proved on many occasions) - I can't imagine playing there without him. Thanks, Bob!

    I now have a new favorite golf memory. On one of the field holes (Hole 9, I think), there was a large recangle (~40'x~100') of unmowed grass, about 3'-4' tall. Matthew lands near the back of the tall grass and we find his disc without much problem. For his second shot, he throws a lazer beam, just grazing the top of the tall grass. Just as Matthew started to walk out of the grass, a baby deer (recognized by Bob one of last year's fawns) jumps up and trots away. It had been laying in the grass about 30' in front of Matthew and we never had any idea.

    I've mentioned the Lucky Mud to my wife (non disc-golfer) several times over the years and how it would be a great b&b for us to stay at. She always shot it down because she knows I would just play golf all weekend. She was so moved by the beauty and solidute, not to mention the frienliness of Sunshine, Jessica, and Bob, that she is already planning for our next visit.

    If you haven't made the pilgrimage to the Mud yet - go. Now. You won't be disappointed.
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