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  • Course standing...?

    Hey everyone,

    with the appearance and sudden concern/involvement of the community and city and their issues w/ disc golf at Leverich park, I would really love to be kept up to speed on the current standing of Leverich Park disc golf.
    Wog, if you could (or anyone with confirmed knowledge) keep me up to speed on anything concerning the well being of the disc golf park.

    I'm just a little concerned with this summer and whether or not general park usage and overall play and traffic is going to be an overload for a small multi-use park.
    Thanks again and anything will help

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    Control yourself

    The sign has been removed. Also I fixed the kiosk that Steven Sines punched out. Next time punch me but beware I punch back. Thank you.


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      Course Update:

      I had a meeting with a representative from the Parks Department last week at Leverich. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss what could be done to keep people from playing hole 9 even though the basket has been pulled. It seems that the people from the creek restoration group are concerned that things are growing back as quickly as they had hoped and they wanted to remove the tee pad to stop people from playing the hole. I assured them that removing the tee pad wouldn't stop someone that wanted to play the hole and that there were several good alternatives that could keep players out of the bushes.

      We are considering the following options: adding a permanent fence, installing a net to catch throws that would go over the fence, re-installing the basket in a new position (shorter and closer to parking lot), moving the tee-pad or completely reversing the hole (along with that entire side of the course 6 through 10). The Parks representative is scheduling a meeting with the creek restoration group next to see if they come to an agreement on how to share our park and the creek.

      I'll keep you all informed as I hear more.


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