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  • Missing Basket

    Reward for stolen basket from Leverich Park! Discraft Chainstar with orange decal on the center post. Contact Vancouver/Clark Parks and Rec or VCDG.org with information.

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    Arrrrrg. That stinks! Which hole?


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      Was it stolen before Tuesday the 24th? Could this be it?


      If you sign into eBay, you can see that it was purchased from the seller (in Troutdale, OR!) on Feb-24-09 at 14:47:42 PST.

      "Pretty new condition but comes without the inground sleeve"?!?!?! And the second photo has been HEAVILY photoshopped, which is also suspicious.

      Oregon disc golf map


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        Out with the old in with the new. We are upgrading our course and selling all the old baskets. Pretty new condition but comes without the inground sleeve as we are using the bottom half for the new baskets. Comes as pictured in the right; shipping to lower 48 states only. Message me on ebay with any questions.
        selling old baskets? that are in pristine condition? i have lots of profanity i could spew about this, but i'll try to keep it contained.

        looks like a college kid...his other sales are textbooks. i wish he was selling some cheaper items, wouldn't mind having a name/address to associate with this douchenozzle.
        Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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          Good sleuthing...if you find an address let me know. I'd like to practice my putts.
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            It was hardly "sleuthing." I typed "Discraft Chainstar" into eBay's search form and it came right up. ALWAYS the first place you should check for stolen stuff.
            Oregon disc golf map


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              The auction has ENDED.........
              "In Discatarianism We Trust"




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                Yeah, it ended on Tuesday when some poor schmuck bought the stolen basket.
                Oregon disc golf map


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                  Hmm. Now I'm not as convinced this is indeed the stolen Leverich basket. Because eBay item #300292738389 is an identical (but still suspicious-looking) listing that ended on the 21st -- and we know no baskets were missing from Leverich last weekend.

                  Any other courses missing two or more Chainstars?

                  I sent the seller an innocent question via eBay's system....
                  Oregon disc golf map


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                    I sent a not so innocent question using eBay's system...

                    Dear 1234ohio4321,

                    To whom it may concern,

                    The disc golf basket that you are selling looks very much like the basket stolen from Leverich Park earlier this week. If the basket is returned I will encourage the Parks Department not to press charges against you. Your explanation that you are upgrading your course does not make sense. Why would you sell a perfectly good basket that is new in order to upgrade your course? What course is this you are upgrading?

                    Please do the right thing and return the basket immediately. If you need someone to pick up the basket and return it, I can make arrangements for someone to pick it up from any location in the Portland metro area.

                    Steve Carson
                    Founder of Vancouver/Clark Disc Golf
                    President Stumptown Disc Golf


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                      Response from ebay...

                      Dear eBay Member,

                      Thank you for reporting this item.

                      If you see an item on eBay that you think may be stolen, please contact
                      law enforcement immediately. Tell the police officer handling the case
                      that we will be pleased to cooperate in the investigation.

                      Please forward this message to the officer and ask him or her to contact
                      us as follows:

                      1. Go to:

                      2. Select "Listing Violations," and then click the "Continue" button.
                      3. Select "Stolen property," select "You are a law enforcement
                      official," and then click the "Continue" button.
                      4. Click the "Email us" link.

                      Thanks again for your report.


                      eBay Customer Support

                      Original Message Follows:

                      Form Message: %221333% 103197
                      Subject: VE=C00160 You suspect stolen property is for sale on eBay [#US
                      100770T US 100770B ?01 -01]
                      User Feedback: 184
                      User State: 01
                      Browser info: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US;
                      rv: Gecko/2009011913 (BT-nascarnationwide) Firefox/3.0.6

                      Listing Violations > Stolen property > You suspect stolen property is
                      for sale on eBay
                      Item Numbers(s):
                      300296205350 770100B $US
                      Message: This item was most likely stolen from Leverich Park Disc Golf
                      course this week. Police notified.


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                        Reply back...

                        Dear wog-steve,

                        This account is old, i live in iowa. Look at my listings they were listed before last week when you said they were stolen.

                        - 1234ohio4321


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                          My response...

                          Dear 1234ohio4321,

                          To whom it may concern,

                          I'm sorry, I don't buy your explanation. First, I don't believe anyone would sell a like new Chainstar basket for under $250 and it doesn't make sense to replace like new Chainstar baskets for some other basket at a course.

                          Your claim to not be from Oregon will be proven or found out when ebay provides for your seller history information to the police department. I hope for your sake you are telling the truth.

                          I don't understand your argument about the date of the sales. You could easily have posted the auction and then acquired the basket after the close of the auction. The dates are too close and the description of the baskets too similar for us not to investigate.

                          Thank you for responding,


                          - wog-steve


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                            Item location: Troutdale, OR, United States
                            Oregon disc golf map


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                              The second photoshopped picture has two people's shadows and the shoes of the person holding the basket have been removed. The marked lines on the basket pole show it to be essentially brand new. I'll be expecting to see the perps eventually show up on The World's Stupidest Criminals.
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                              ...but it plays one on TV.


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