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  • White River Break-ins

    It seems that we still have some security issues at White River. Yesterday a golfers car was broken into.. They got a wallet with credit and debit cards, a phone and my jacket. They did not take any discs, spare change, or even the CD's. They had spent nearly $400 on the credit card before it was cancelled. Apparently they went to a casino, prior to that they filled up at 76 and purchased a pre-paid phone. Police reports have been filed and considering how there is already a paper trail and video tape of them using the stolen items I hope there is an arrest. BE AWARE! Keep any eye out for anyone prowling the parking lot or any suspious behavior.

    On another note, I noticed and approached a older male selling used discs in the parking lot. Every single one of the discs had either another name and number (besides his own) and "If found return to Mandos" written on the bottom. I found this to be rather strange. I played dumb and asked how much he was selling them for, they varied in price, from $8 for a USED DX ROC (with writting on bottom) to nearly $20 for USED Star plastic. Does anybody know of this man named "Larry"? I don't think he was connected with the break-in, just found it odd and shady.
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