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    Lowell emailed me back saying its only going to be there for 2 or 3 weeks.

    I also talked to a player today who said they play it from the bottom of the switchbacks, kind of like a "new and improved 11". This would take the blind downhill part out, which is good.

    I think , until they find a permanent home for 13, if I'm gonna walk up and down a hill twice, it might as well be the one on 18. Since this is the only place I can throw 450', it's like an ego stroke, so I'd much rather play it twice, than walk all the way up and down chlorine hill twice to play that little 13 death pitch.


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      I agree with Jack as well. I like to play it up the switchback as well, but it's not a cool hole. I just play it that way to avoid walking up that damn hill twice in a row.

      Why is Lowell allowing the city to fumble around with the course design? Is he so powerless with the city that he has to take every shit-hole they suggest?
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        I think lowells take on the situation is we are lucky to have a course at all and he will do what ever they say with out putting up much of a fight. At least we dont have a course that was designed by robin(the local environmental nut bag) as was suggested at a parks meeting last year.


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