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    I feel conflicted. Part of me wants to make an effort to see if we can get that graffiti ridden bench removed from the path near hole 18, because maybe it will help alleviate some of the litter behind it. Also, maybe the absence of people waiting around to steal a disc will help put disc golfer's minds at ease. On the other hand, I don't want to be an old curmudgeon and take away a popular hang-out spot for local high-school kids. What are your thoughts?


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      Kids will congregate in the park as they have for years now, removing the bench wont stop that. There is a trash can placed right there next to the bench, its there because the parks dept. knows people will gather at that spot.

      I have never personally had a problem with people going after my discs there, more often I find they help locate discs as they come down the hill. I know of at least one older gentleman with a dog, not a disc thrower, who always helps spot discs when he knows thier coming.

      That bench is the best place to eyeball discs that hyzer into the creek, and it does provide a resting spot for people before they trek up the hill, so I think its best just to leave it alone.


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