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  • New path between 14 basket and 15 tee

    It's always bothered me that when you finish 14 you have to walk back in either the 14 fairway, or the 15 fairway, to get to the 15 tee.
    This wasn't the intended path, but ended up this way when the basket on 14 got moved back 50 feet.

    It never used to be a problem when there was only 6 guys playin' here, but the place is getting more popular now.

    If I griplock a drive it sails back up toward the 14 basket going really fast, this could hurt somebody. Same with upshots on 14. I'm careful about not throwing a disc towards anyone, but with the increasing amount of families, and new players I see out there, accidents may happen.

    I talked with Eric a while back about cutting a path directly in a line from the basket on 14 to the 15 tee. This takes you between the trees, and offers the best protection from anyone throwing on either hole.

    So I cut it last week, and I would encourage everyone to use it. More boots will help keep the weeds down. I will work on improving it and making it more visible over the next few weeks.

    Just look behind the jail bush and you will see the path in a straight line to the next tee.

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    as many times as i have played there over the years there has always been a path that went from 14 basket directly to 15 tee pad. it is clearly deffined and does not even come close to 15 fairway and is not using 14 fairway either.
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