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  • Trash is increasing at SeaTac Disc Golf Course

    Trash is getting bad. Jub we filled the big garbage bag you gave us - in two holes. That leaves 16 holes to go. I'm going to clean more of it today, but anybody can make an impact by hauling out a bottle or can or three.

    Two things:

    1) Pack it out. There are two maintained garbage cans readily available at SeaTac. There is a can on Hole 1. There is a can on the street corner, as you walk from Hole 9 to Hole 10. If you can pack it in, please pack it out. It's as simple as tossing your empties after Hole 9 or Hole 18. Thanks and spread the word.

    2) Garbage buckets on every hole? I disagree with this because it invites more trash. Dog walkers leave poop in them. Love the dogs, just not the poop. Disc Golfers are more likely to toss their empties in them rather than pack it out. Bumbs, well, we all have clean up after the bumbs. The buckets are not my jurisdiction, so I'm just voicing my opinion and welcome feedback.

    Thanks for any help that you volunteer to make our open spaces cleaner.

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    Way to go Ben!
    I did notice that after the last trash bag round I did that the trash filled up in about 2 days.
    I would definitely echo your sentiments about packing your trash out rather than using the green buckets.
    Although the green buckets do facilitate the wanton dumping of weight from the bags of the vox populi, I do believe that they do help alleviate the general trashing of the course.

    The best news is that there is a huge influx of newer players to Sea Tac. The popularity of our sport is definitely increasing exponentially. It remains the burden of us veteran Folfers to educate the newbies about the etiquette of DG.
    This not only includes keeping the course clean, but also encompasses spreading awareness about returning found discs and acceptance of all who choose to play Folf.
    "I love it when a plan comes together" -John 'Hannibal' Smith


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      Thanks Mike for your input. The green buckets aren't bad considering at least the trash makes it there and not in the bushes and fairways. North Park used to have buckets. Lowell would make the rounds and empty the buckets while playing folf. One day he had enough of picking up after everyone. He removed the buckets from all of the tee areas and WHAM! People deposited little piles of trash where the buckets used to be. North Park now has a solid group of course maintenance folks that keep the place clean. Even SeaTac has had some phantom trash removal folks. Mike is that you? Anyway, thanks for all of the work with the trash, landscaping, education, etc...

      Perhaps some "Pack it in - Pack it out" signs could ultimately help reduce the trash pile up on every tee area. What do you think?


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        I collect trash every time I play the Tac. Sometimes it's two bags. I even have a system


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          Originally posted by The Ombudsman View Post
          The best news is that there is a huge influx of newer players to Sea Tac.
          I think this may be partly the cause of the recent trash explosion.
          If someone new plays the course, and sees the little plastic buckets, why wouldnt they use them ?
          I'm sure they would assume that the buckets were provided by, and maintained by the city.

          I think a sign on the kiosk, explaining that the trash on the course is only removed by volunteers, and that we recommend all players pack it it and pack it out, would be helpful.

          I also think that drinkiing alcohol on the course should be discouraged, because carrying empties in your vehicle will get you a ticket, so all the drunks are more likely to leave cans and bottles on the course.

          Nobody cares abot tossing a bunch of pop or gatorade empties in the back of thier car, then takling them home to dispose of.

          The new cedars are gonna need water this week.


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            I watered them day before yesterday


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              Removed 7 bags of trash on Friday - May 14

              Played a round and filled all 7 trash bags that I had brought with me. One more pass should clear it all out. Also, removed misc. junk like a dish rack, tupperware, plastic bits, spray bottles from the monster on hole 2.

              Thanks to the other four guys in my group who helped carry the bags to the garbage cans on Hole 1 and 9/10 and putting up with the distraction while playing a round.


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                SeaTac is clean!

                I went out today to complete another sweep and someone else beat me to the punch. Excellent work on removing the last of the blob. Thanks to the phantom trash removal crew. I did gather two full bags of trash from Saturday's crowd. SeaTac Disc Golf Course is clean!


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