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    The title of the thread gives a subtle hint as to what might be discussed here.

    Anyways, I spent a few hours ripping blackberries out by their brawny roots from the #5 short hill. I gathered much fallen wood in the process, and found a unique use for it.

    I started to build a "disc dam" along the perimeter of the hill bordering #6 fairway, in an effort to keep roll-away putts off of hole 6. Any putt that shanks and rolls down the hill will be stopped by the disc dam, but the comeback putt will entail 2 shots for 80% of players who wind up there.

    I did this with the upcoming Open in mind, to keep people moving in that area of play. When you're out there next (Gill, Edge, Brian, whoever) take a good look and see if it makes sense, is an eyesore, makes 5 too much easier, etc.

    Speaking of 5 (long), should we get rid of all the fenceline blackberries? I can't decide if I care enough about them.

    Keep this thread alive, and keep Lakewood looking gorgeous, like our little Emerald in the Rough. The rough being White Center, of course. (Why is the nicest course always in the worst neighborhood i.e. Pier?)
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    I dont think its a good idea to build a backstop for discs there.
    That hill is what gives 5 short its "character".
    Wind always blows up from the #6 fairway towards #5 basket, your tee shot can skip off the hill and end up down on the #6 fairway, or down by the alt 6 tee. Its not always overgrown in there, in the winter its pretty clear.
    If you make a backstop there, its going to make the hole easier, with much less risk, and thats no fun.
    Every hole at Lakewood has clean lanes to play. Brushy areas should be considered a hazard, this encourages good placement.
    Nobody wants to play #1 too long because of the brush on the other side of the fence, thats why the basket is where it is, brushing out #5 is the same thing, the brush is part of the hole and needs to be considered when you make your shot.

    You could just drag the brush down to the other side of 6 fairway, west of the path, the overgrowth there doesnt affect any golf holes, so its not going to bother anybody if you add to it.


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      Originally posted by captain jack View Post
      I dont think its a good idea to build a backstop for discs there.
      I don't think it's a good idea to develop an opinion until you really check it out.

      The hole is definitely not easier. Skip shots will still go careening off into foolsville. Only roll-away putts will be saved (40 ft away on a downhill slope with trees) from ending up on 6's fairway.

      Nobody wants to play hole 1 too long because it's OB, not because of the brush. Anyways, the only brush I took out was blackberry bushes.

      Go take a look and you tell me if the hole is easier, instead of assuming.

      Although, if more people don't like it, it will be a snap to remove. it's just a few logs.
      The only thing miraculous about ICP is the fact that their children look like them...


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