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  • Juel Park Doubles

    Weekly Recap and announcements in case you missed it in the weekly/monthly section!

    posted 7/5
    Due to the nice weather and influx of new local players I keep seeing out at Juel. I have decided to try to revive:

    Juel Park random Doubles every Wednesday promptly at 6pm!

    $5 entry = $1 to the ace pot and $4 to the payout.
    Sign up at the picnic table by #9 basket.

    Throw far, putt well, play with different people, get better!
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    7/6 recap

    Great first day of Juel doubles last night, especially with only one day advance notice. Ten people showed up in total. Eight Juel veterans and two newish players. Unfortunately, the two new players flipped themselves as partners but they seemed to have fun.

    Kevin "Juel Doubles Ace Master" Christian finessed a white soft magnet 196ft threw the air that nestled gently into the bottom of the chains for an ace on hole nine, winning himself ten whole dollars out of the ace pot, plus some dollar bills from the group and high fives all around.

    Miki Fujikawa rode a scooter all the way from Seattle to play, teaming up with "Big Hyzer Bomb" Ryan and together they birdied there last five holes in a row finishing tied for the lead at -11 with myself and thirteen year old Jayden "I park 350 foot holes and can 100 foot jump putts" Johnson. We played the old juel park number two hole for the playoff and after the kid and I narrowly missed our sixty foot birdie putts and Ryan missed his putt, Miki stepped up and drained a 40foot birdie putt for the victory. Well played sir.

    Final Scores

    Miki & Ryan -11 $30
    Jayden & Dan -11 $10
    Brett Vintertun & Brian Clark -10
    Kevin Christian & Chris Shoota -7 I think
    Carly and Tyler (two new locals & cousins!) shot even par

    The ace pot is at 0$ dollars after Kevin's ace.

    Shot of the day goes to Jayden Johnson who hit a 100 foot jump putt with a tailwind at his back on the 480 foot longest hole on the course for a duece!
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      7/13 recap
      As intermittent wind gusts blew from all directions, swaying the tall grass across the serene landscape of Juel Park, twelve determined golfers showed up for a competitive round of random doubles.

      "Lazer spin putt" Ryan (formerly "Big Hyzer Bomb" Ryan) and Brett "don't call me Vintertarian" Vintertun got off to a smoking hot start, birdieing their first seven holes in a row. They cooled down considerably on the back nine but birdied two of their last three holes for the one shot victory. Kevin "Juel Doubles Ace Master" Christian and Chris "Shoota" Cuicta birdied their last five holes in a row to finish tied for second place with Bob "Glow Plastic Fetishist" Clark and myself. I brought my "C" game at best and was carried by my teammate for most of the round. We had a playoff for the second place cash and Bob and I birdied the second playoff hole to secure a second place finish. Honorable Mention goes to "The Elusive" Captain Jack who showed up for maybe his first time ever at Juel doubles. He teamed up with "Soon To Be Cashing" Carly and together they posted a solid negative round. Woot Woot.

      Final Scores

      Brett V. & Ryan -11 $34
      Bob Clark & DMajor -10 $14
      Kevin Christian & Shoota -10
      Kenny Clark & Jayden Johnson -9
      Brian Clark & John Johnson -6
      Carly & Captain Jack -3

      Ace Pot is at a whopping $12dollars!!

      Shot of the day was two bombs by Bob Clark- Threw a hyzer the whole way on the 420foot hole #6 that nestled directly against the pole on our first hole of the round, the next time around on the 484foot fifteenth hole crushed a boss fifteen past the basket into a strong headwind for an easy duece.
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        What's more fun than a set of 22in spinners on an Escalade?

        Juel Park Dubs

        Tomorrow at 6pm!!!
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          Beware the tall silver haired smooth throwing grandmaster toting nothing but a few discs in a Target bag. He just might take a little bit of your money.

          Nine players showed up for Juel Doubles last Wednesday night. Including an East coast ringer who had one driver, two rocs, and a putter in a target bag. While warming up he lost his one driver in the tall Juel grass. Knowing that a Juel doubles round without a driver just isn't that much fun I lent him my most comparable disc to the one he lost. He ended up as cali, refused to accept a second borrowed driver, & still managed to tie John "Shiny New Discs" Jonhson and I for second place at -10. We played a playoff hole and then decided to have a ctp for the 2nd place $ which the ringer won by about a foot. The ringer gave only his first name and place of origin, but after some internet detective work I was able to identify him as this guy http://www.pdga.com/player_stats/17277 not too bad a resume.

          The winners, however, played much better than the ringer and everyone else. Kevin "Juel Doubles Ace Master" Christian and Bob "Fast Start" Clark birdied there first nine holes in a row and set the new season low score at -13.

          Honorable mention goes to "Newly Addicted" Mason who showed up for his first ever doubles round and teamed up with Jayden "I park 350 foot holes and can 100 foot jump putts" Johnson and together they went under par. "Soon To Be Cashing" Carly finally flipped herself a good partner in Brett "I heart Nukes" Vintertun but they finished a few strokes out of the money.

          Final Scores
          Kevin & Bob -13 $26
          "The Ringer" -10 $10
          JJ & Dan -10
          Carlee & Brett -7
          Mason & Jayden -2

          No Aces were hit & Bob Clark generously donated $2 dollars into the acepot which now stand at $23

          I also heard a rumor that there was a little $ left over from last years ace pot which will hopefully find it's way into the current fund, but will leave out the details until it's a reality.

          Shot of the Day- John "Shiny New Discs" Jonhson parking seventeen with a smooth low and tight anny backhand that nestled about 12 feet from the basket. 17 was the only hole that had not been birdied in the first two weeks of doubles. I should mention that Bob & Kevin got 17 as well this week, but JJ's drive was better!!
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            Great write-up!
            Ratings-based divisions: disc golf's inevitable future.
            Disc Golf Calendar: www.NWDiscGolf.info, or click CALENDAR at top of page
            Submit Event to Calendar: treelove@nwdiscgolf.info
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              If you play doubles at your local course, draw a partner that you learned to play with at that course, and have been playing for a number of years you should probably win.

              We had a record turnout, for this season, at Juel on Wednesday night. Fourteen players came out to play so we actually drew cards instead of flipping discs for the first time. Some veterans from prior seasons made their first appearance of the summer, including: "Ninja Jump Drive" Wes and his sidekick "Dart Master" Ken who got teamed up together after drawing the two jokers from the deck (haha). "Mazda Forum" Matt and Kevin "Autofruit" Carberry also came out for the first time and drew each other as partners. Shout out to Brian and Luke for coming out for their first time of the season and posting solid negative rounds.

              As for the play, Bob "Fast Start, Glow Plastic Fetishist" Clark continued his run of cashing (and donating extra $ to the acepot), teamed up with Jayden "I park 350 foot holes and can 100 foot jump putts" Johnson and together they shot a respectable -10 to get the second place money. Brett "I still heart Nukes" Vintertun and I teamed up for the aforementioned local connection and put up a -12 for first place that should have been atleast a few strokes better as we bogeyed hole 17 and missed two other opportunities in the circle.

              Honorable Mention to the The Jokers who missed cashing by a stroke despite having each other as partners.

              Final Scores

              Brett V. & DMajor -12
              Jayden J. & Bob C. -10
              Ken & Wes -9
              Carlee & Shoota -7
              Kevin Christian & New Brian -6
              Luke & Tyler -5
              Kevin Carberry & Matt -3

              No aces hit, Bob donated $3 extra, putting the acepot up to $40

              Shot of the day- continuing the trend of of giving it to my partner, Brett "I still heart Nukes" Vintertun canned a sixty foot jump on hole 16 for a much needed duece!
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                Complete Stats
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                  Juel Doubles Tomorrow Night 6pm Sharp

                  ****Now with all you can eat blackberries!*****

                  Last Week's Results:

                  The Croatian rolled into the parking lot with plenty of gifts for the common folk, but no discs in hand. Luckily, a boss of his was found earlier in the day by Brian "One Lefty Finger" Clark. He used that one boss combined with a borrowed putter and threw his best shot of the day, before the round even started, by flipping one of the returning champions from the previous week: Brett "I really Heart Nukes" Vintertun. Together they played solid Juel golf, parking many of the shorter holes and hitting some good putts right around the edge of the circle.They finished at -11 taking first place by a stroke. Hot on their heels was Kenny "Compulsive Putt Practicing" Clark and his partner "Mazda Forum" Matt at -10.

                  Honorable Mention goes to three new players for showing up: Cortlin, Matt Bakke and Art! Additionally, Kevin "Juel Doubles Ace Master" Christian and "Shoota" for their magnetic attraction to each other as partners. They have partnered up together three out of the four weeks possible. & don't forget "Broadway" Bob Clark who showed up before doubles but couldn't stay, as he had to get back out on the track and make some money for daddy.

                  Final Scores

                  Mark "Yappin Croat" Yarmek & Brett V. -11 $40
                  Kenny Clark & Mazda Matt -10 $12
                  Kevin Christian & Shoota -8
                  DMajor & Evil DMajor (cali)-8
                  John Johnson & Art -7
                  Brian Clark & Cortlin -6
                  Jayden Johnson & Matt Bakke -3

                  No Aces were hit so the pot is up to $53

                  Shot of the day- Up to this point I have given the shot of the day to my partner every week. This week I was cali and so as to not break my tradition I give my second shot self the shot of the day on the 224 foot hole 18: after putting my first drive about 12 feet past the basket I elected to not take a second drive in case I fluffed my putt. Like a self fullfilling prophecy I airballed my short putt about a foot to the left, then miraculously managed to limpwrist my second putt just barely into the left pocket of the basket, where it settled meagerly as possibly the ugliest birdie of my disc golf career. But, hey a two's a two!!
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                      Originally posted by Snooskie Longhorn View Post
                      His last too. Frank and family moved to California.

                      We will always refer to Juel Park as "Frankenland".

                      The Godfather shall one day return....

                      Tomorrow night Juel Doubles
                      6pm start sign up 530ish
                      Be a Juel Park Legend

                      Last's Weeks Results:

                      13 special people showed up for a good old time at Juel last Wednesday and it must have been a strange day because the scores across the board were pretty low. Their was a brother team: Brian "One Lefty Finger" Clark and "Broadway" Bob Clark. There was a Marky Mark team: "New" Mark and "Yappin" Yarmek.

                      We had a new player: Ryan "Favre" come out and play very well as Cali. He spent most of the round spiralling laserbeam sidearms past the defense and throwing crisp touch passes into the chains and in true "Favre" fashion he brought the game down to the final seconds of the fourth quarter but came up one stroke short on the challenging 17th hole to Kenny "Two wins in a row" Clark and your narrator. Kenny flicked his champion Max about fifteen feet short of the basket for the victory duece on 17.

                      In the same group "Almost Cashed" Carlee teamed up with Jayden "I park 350 foot holes and can 100 foot jump putts" Johnson and came out on fire. They birdied there first six holes in a row, highlighted by Carlee hitting two 50+ foot putts with a dx shark and Jayden making everything in the circle look easy. Eventually the length of the back nine cooled them off and they settled into a third place finish just out of the money.

                      Honorable mention to "Big Hyzer Bomb" Ryan Bilocerkowycz for getting back out.

                      Final Scores

                      Kenny C. & DMajor -12
                      Ryan "Favre" -11
                      Jayden & Carlee -8
                      John J. & Ryan B. -8
                      Marky Mark -7
                      Brett V. & "Mazda" Matt -7
                      Bob & Brian Clark -7

                      No Aces were hit so the Ace pot grew to $26 & thanks to Paul "Sherpa Macguyver" for kicking in $40 dollars from the previous season towards this years pot-bumping the Ace pot to $66

                      Shots of The Day-Hole 17, Kenny's game winning 350 foot low line drive flick that flipped up to flat on a line 20 feet left of the basket and held until skipping chain high about fifteen feet short of the basket and Carlee smashing not one, but two long spin putts into the heart of the chains during the first six holes of play, propelling her team to an early two stroke lead.
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                        Up to date
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                          8/31 Results:

                          "Almost Cashed" Carlee really almost cashed but left before the playoff!

                          "Broadway" Bob Clark & Kevin "Mr. Clean" Christian -11 $36
                          Kyle "Brett's Minor Leaguer" K. & Brett "Farm System" Vintertun -10 $16
                          "Almost Cashed" Carlee & Cortland "Crystal Champ" -10
                          "Mazda" Matt & "Autofruit" Carberry -8
                          Dan "Apparently I suck at cali" Major -7
                          Eric "Krunk" & "Shoota aka Chuck Norris" -6
                          Jayden "I park 350 foot holes and can 100 foot jump putts" Johnson & Kyle "Brett's Minor Leaguer" E. -5

                          No Aces hit, Acepot went to $79.

                          Shot of the Day-Way to go Brett for bringing out the Ellensburg minor league team out of the farm system. Some good potential in those Kyle's

                          9/7 Results :

                          We had a small group but some pretty good scores

                          Brett "Farm System" Vintertun & John "Shiny New Bag" Jonhson -14 $30
                          Kyle "Brett's Minor Leaguer" K. & Dan "I don't suck at doubles" Major -12 $10
                          "Shoota aka Chuck Norris" & "Big Hyzer Bomb" Ryan -11
                          "Broadway" Bob Clark & Kevin "Mr. Clean" Christian -9
                          Jayden "I park 350 foot holes and can 100 foot jump putts" Johnson & "Mazda" Matt -7

                          No aces were hit so Acepot is at $89

                          Shot of the day- a pre warm up doubles round lazer ace with a buzz on hole 8 that looked good the whole way by Brett Vintertun.
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                            Last week

                            Juel Doubles 5:30 Tomorrow Night

                            ---We have to start a little early due to the shorter days, but the forecast is great, the tall grass is beaten down, and their is exactly $100 in the acepot up for grabs.

                            9/14 Results

                            Average turnout last week. Eleven people showed up and scores were decent. Had a couple new people, Colin and "Spiritridge" Ron. Jayden Johnson canned some nice long putts and hit metal on everything within 80 feet of the basket. Brett Vintertun put up the best score as Cali so far this year but lost the first place cash in a playoff. We played the traditional old layout #1 tee to old # 3 basket for the playoff hole. Brett threw two drives and missed a 40footer for birdie. Kyle and I only had about a twenty foot birdie putt for the victory.

                            Kyle "Brett's Minor Leaguer" K. & DMajor -12 $30
                            Brett "I Heart Nukes" Vintertun -12 $14
                            Bob "I got one more" Clark& "New" Colin -10
                            "Autofruit" Carberry & "KBK" Ken -7
                            John "Shiny New Bag" Jonhson & Eric "Krunk" -6
                            "SpiritRidge" Ron & Jayden "always hit metal" Johnson -5

                            No Aces Hit so the pot is up to: $100

                            Shot of the day- goes to Kyle K. on the 348 foot hole 5. He crushed a star destroyer on a high hyzer that cut perfectly through the gap on the right side of the trees and narrowly missed chains. The disc came to rest about fifteen feet past the basket for the easy duece.
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                              Up to date Stats

                              Are attached
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