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    That really blows. I just got here, & now have to travel else where to play.


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      That is terrible, sorry to hear it.


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        update #2

        OK so here is whats going on at Steili right now. After the theft we made the decision to pull the southeast baskets today and the northwest baskets on saturday after doubles.

        But after some soul searching and meeting with the board, it was decided to pull them all ASAP. So all baskets will be pulled by the end of the day Tuesday.

        Out of the bad we have found some good though. An opprotunity to repair and secure our baskets will be undertaken. While the baskets are in storage, to teach the bad boys a lesson, we will weld the basket heads, baskets and collar sleeves to the pipe itself. This will prevent our little thieves from stealing any additional parts that they may require to complete thier personal golf course.

        Second, we are contracting with Six Roblees to purchase 40 something case hardened barrel locks to be installed when we decide to put the baskets back in the park again.

        Personally, it breaks my heart to have to close the park temporarily but let me put this in dollars and cents terms. Each basket costs about 350.00 delivered. takes about a half hour to assemble. Then you gotta dig the hole in the ground and secure the collar. Thats another hour. My time is worth around 30.00 per hour. ( I know, ime cheap labor) So any way thats about 400.00 per basket installed. Multiply times seven because that is how many have been stolen over the last 18 months.

        So now we must order up 3 baskets and purchase the locks. Should total up around 2000.00. Say goodbye to the capital buget for improvements for 2010. That is what really sucks! What could you do to your course if you had an extra 2 grande. I hope the park closure shows the multitude of golfers at Ft Steilacoom how much of a good thing we have and now dont have.

        To the thieves who stole our baskets: Sooner or later we will find you. Now that everybody is looking for the stolen baskets you will not be able to sell them. A reward has been issued for information that leads us to you. Once we find you, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Everyone will know that you are a thief. You will be exiled from the disc golf community. So I hope you get some good use of those baskets until we catch you.

        Donations for new baskets and the reward fund can be given to Ray Seick or any of the board members. Once again, we apologize to our club members and all the casual golfers that call Ft Steilacoom home. This includes you Kyle. Hang in there man.


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          Sorry to hear about the theft.
          This makes me wonder if it would be possible to buy insurance for a disc golf course. Has anybody ever heard of a company that would sell a reasonable policy?

          Jeff Crum
          Rely on Me


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            We currently carry insurance on the courses we have which are Steili and Riverside DGC. Our insurance covers liability for the players during club sanctioned events but not the contents of the course. This is a sketchy area because once the baskets are put in the ground technically they become the property of the county that the parks are located in. The county wont replace the equipment because our club pays land use agreement fees to operate on their property. So I dont think you can get insurance for items that are left in a county park for extended periods of time. I do believe that we can insure our portable baskets though because we take those with us when we are done at the end of the day. Great question!


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              Sorry to hear about this TDGPA... I was just saying the other day how I need to make it down to Steily more.

              Pulling the baskets and taking the stance that the course will not be reinstalled until the stolen ones are returned may prove to be a good strategy... it should put (peer)pressure on the idiots that stole them--this worked up at Mossy Roc from what I was told-- the baskets were returned, along with some free stickers to boot.
              Maybe the club could have a fund raising tourney to help offset the cost of replacing/securing the baskets. How helpful are the police trying to be in these instances? Video surveillance next?
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                  I wonder if it's not other disc golfers, but maybe some tweeked out meth heads who plan to sell them for scrap. Might want to put the word out to the local scrap yards to keep an eye out for them as well.

                  Sorry to hear about this. That is BS.


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                    Originally posted by LakeStevensBA View Post
                    I wonder if it's not other disc golfers, but maybe some tweeked out meth heads who plan to sell them for scrap. Might want to put the word out to the local scrap yards to keep an eye out for them as well.

                    Sorry to hear about this. That is BS.
                    Yards don't buy metal by the "basket", they buy it by the ton. There is ZERO metal value from a basket.
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                      Originally posted by olydiscgolf View Post
                      Yards don't buy metal buy the "basket", they buy it by the ton. There is ZERO metal value from a basket.
                      hey chris u guys got room for me at oly. i gota warm up for the ice bowl some where now


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                        Originally posted by DMAILMAN View Post
                        ... we will weld the basket heads, baskets and collar sleeves to the pipe itself.
                        If it's not too late, let me suggest brazing the parts together. The zinc coatings make a great flux for the molten bronze to sweat into the joints. It would only take a little brazing to make disassembly impossible. The original zinc will stay in place to protect the steel and the bronze also will not rust. To weld the parts, the zinc will have to be ground away and the bead and ground portions will rust.

                        Anyone else wishing to secure parts together on your courses: this brazing process can be easily done in place with a portable oxy/acetylene outfit. No need to pull baskets to do it.


                        Insurance for baskets? Figure the cost of replaced baskets plus profits for the greed industry. The mob would love for us to be paying for its protection. They'd probably steal them just to build the market.
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                          Are you sure there isn't another way to come up with 3 baskets without instantly resorting to new from the factory? Maybe you can spend some time researching for used targets. There's plenty of people who own baskets, and they're not all just cheezy portables.

                          Besides, with all these welding/metalworking capabilities, is it possible to turn a portable Mach III into an identical permanent target? I'd hate to see all your cash being frittered away because of a couple bad-apple douchebags.
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                            You don't often see people selling primo baskets though (at least, legitimately). Usually, if baskets are for sale, they're cheapies that people are trying to sell so they can buy a top notch one.

                            It would be super easy to turn a Mach III into a stationary target, you have to pay extra to make it portable, actually. But as far as replacing baskets more cheaply, I think the most viable option would be to have a Cool Shoez type guy to build ones from scratch. Or go the Oregon route and get the cheaper Mach II News and add extra chains.
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                              I know the guy at chainbangerz started making his own baskets. Maybe you could be a "tester" for them and a super cheap price to you.


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                                Like Gilberts said "it's a constant battle". That is soo true. GL finding the Asshats that took them and I hope you guys can figure a way to keep this from recurring.


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