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  • Whats new at the Springs

    12 more Tees 1-6 and 13-18 now done on both the Red and Black course.


    To be found on holes 1, 5, 10, 16. DUMPSTERS!!!


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    I played Shelton Springs today and I just want to give a shout out to you guys down there. Great job on the new teepads and trash cans and also very nice job mowing out the fairways on the holes under the powerlines. I had a very enjoyable round and I wanted you guys to know that your hard work does not go un-noticed and is appreciated.
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      Yeah, the pads are very cool. I like the small details that aren't overlooked.

      -The MCDG decoration is always at the back of the pad, which helps out-of-towners know which way to throw. Believe me, I used that parameter more than once when I played there solo yesterday.

      -Love the color coordination, it's even more evidence that serious thought is going into the construction of the course.

      Continue to kick ass, and make sure you guys get as much local news coverage as possible. This course is worth it.
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        Even newer stuff at the springs? Like the other stuff, but just getting better?

        I'm starting to sound like a Snapple commercial.

        I saw the poured/cast tee signs in the other thread - I could wait for you guys to post a photo of them once installed, or I can ask - one or two areas for signage on those? It looks like one on the oblique, and another location below on the vertical? laminated map, then bolted plexi on top?

        Or do you have some great way of direct painting/application, then graffiti resistant varnish?

        If the tee signs are successful, there's a lot of courses out there that have dealt with sign destruction, wear, moisture, fading,vandalism, etc.. that could gain some hope with another option. I still think there is nothing that's going to be bombproof or vandal proof, but maybe I could be wrong... and I'd like to be wrong on that.


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          Two areas for signs, the top spot at an angle for ease of viewing will be hole info, the lower spot will house the sponsors sign. The will be vinyl on steel signs bolted into the recess in monoliths so they can be replaced but hard to mess with. Weighing in at 300 pounds these signs should be somewhat resistant to everyday wear and tear.


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            Vinyl on steel... Like it. Plexiglas sometimes calls out like a smash me magnet to some. - And the signs could truly be retrievable if the hardware doesn't get all corroded or rusty... But I'm sure you guys have that covered in your smart planning.

            300 lbs is intimidating.

            Well, think of it this way. If the course goes to the wayside.... It could be re-discovered some day as an assumed abandoned cemetery.


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