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  • CONCRETE!!!!

    We will be pouring concrete on these three days - All Saturdays - I will post times as I get confirmations but assume early like 8ish.

    June 4 - POURING Holes 1-6 Black and Red

    June 18 - POURING Holes 7-12 Black and Red

    July 23 - POURING Holes 13-18 Black and Red

    We will be having work parties to form up and level pads on the Sunday or Saturday before the pours and in some cases in the evenings leading up to a pour. I will post these as we get closer to them and have a schedule. So if you want to help out there will the three days listed above and also a few more prep days as we get closer to pour dates.

    If you are interested in helping or plan on being there please feel free to post in this thread so that others can gauge what work parties they can/want to attend. I.e. we will need folks on all three days so if everyone comes to the first one and no one comes to the last, things could get tough. No need to get to crazy with sign ups or anything just throw up a quick post so we all have an idea of who is helping and when.

    In case you didn't know the Teeboxes will all be 12x5 and dyed. Each hole will have one black(charcoal) and one red. There are many factors in our decision to do the pours this way. Primary is our arrangement with the concrete company and driver who don't usually work on Saturdays. So we will be pouring about as much as we can a day with one truckload(9-10 Yards or 12 5x12 Tees.)

    THANK YOU in advance to everyone who has helped so far and plans to help us put a bow on this thing.

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    Ok the last pour will be Wednesday July 27 @ 3:00 so show up to doubles to lend a hand. Should be quick and easy only 5 pads and we can drive up to 4 of them.


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      Great pads!

      Wow - finally got back out to play the course for the 2nd time ever (well most of it before darkness) and the 1st since the pads were done and they are fantastic! I've been lucky enough to have NAD about 15 minutes away and really didn't think I'd see a course rival that one (even though the other Kitsap courses have great potential to be in the future) but Shelton Springs might have it beat now. I just have to find time to make the 2-hour-round-trip to get out there and still save enough time to make the round(s). Thanks for all the hard work out there!

      Also - What's going on with the Lake Isabella course now? I hope the course hasn't been abandoned, as it doesn't seem to have a place on the forum here to even discuss... Even though it's just a pole course (a good fundraiser at SS could change that maybe??), it would be a shame to lose a course.


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        ahhh Isabella... It is a struggle to find time to maintain Isabella while doing construction on Springs. State parks don't make it any easier, they won't really lets us do anything to the course and now you have to pay for parking. Pay to park at Isabella, it's a giant hay field with wood poles around the edge. Our club has gone WSP headquarters sat down with the folks in charge and offered to build with our own money something that might make it worthwhile to pay to park at Isabella. They were not interested because "someday" they might have enough money to hold a meeting about what they "could" do with the property if they "somehow" received a ton more money to actually develop the property. Meanwhile the blackberries begin fighting back, the scotchbroom invades, and nobody cares that we would start working on it tomorrow and turn that park into a money maker. It makes me angry, we all love Isabella and see amazing potential and all we can do is stand by and watch it slowly stagnate.


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