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  • No basket for #16

    Played the course for the first time yesterday.
    Wonderful layout, good use of trees and elevation.
    This course will force you to bring all your weapons, my arm is a little sore from throwing thumbers, but nothing will work better on some holes here.
    The long tees, combined with the mandos make for some challenging golf.
    Learn a good turnover shot before you come here too, its very helpful.

    Course was clean and I cant say I have ever seen better signage anywhere.

    The one curious thing was the basket for Hole 16, at the top of the hill was missing.
    Any of you west sounder locals know anything about this ?
    I am curious to see if I can ace that bad boy with a thumber, but its hard with only the collar there.

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    Look to the left next time, about 10:00 or so.
    Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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      Originally posted by Tim View Post
      Look to the left next time, about 10:00 or so.
      You mean in the valley, not on top of the hill ?
      I played behind a group of regulars who also said it was missing.
      Nothing was visible looking around from the #17 tee.


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        Yeah, up in the valley. It could be the basket is actually missing, but I know it's a common mistake to not know it's up in that direction. I can't recall if it's visible from the 17 tee or not in that position.
        Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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          Currently, all the even holes (including 16) are in the long 'B' pin locations.

          I have not heard of any course issues the last few days, so the basket should of been there. The 'B' pin for Hole 16 is fairly new and doesn't use the same fairway for the 'A' pin (straight up the hill). As stated in an earlier post, the fairway to the 'B' pin is up the valley and located on the top ridge at about the same elevation as the 'A' pin but about 100 feet to the left/west.

          And No, you can't really see the 'B' pin from the tee box for Hole 17 (The 'B' pin is approximately 100 feet directly behind the tee box for Hole 17).


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            Thanks guys.
            So now that I know its actually less driving miles to the course for me than Lakewood and Seatac are ( the 1 hour ferry ride excluded) I might go back more frequently.


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              NAD is awesome. That is all.
              Sometimes my mind boggles. It's so deep my mind actually boggles.

              ~ Cyndi Lauper ~


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                Sometime this summer, Hole 16 will be in the "B" pin location to allow for some erosion contol work on the fairway to the "A". Work shouldn't take long.

                So, if you don't see the basket in the "A" pin, then look left and play the other fairway to the "B" pin location.


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