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  • Pin locations

    FYI, all the baskets are in their "A" position (short).

    The WSDGA changes the pin locations on a regular basis. Half of the baskets get moved every other Monday. The baskets for either the Odd or Even numbered holes get moved. This creates four different layout during the year. If you count the red and blue tees, then there is eight different layouts to play at NAD park.

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    All the baskets are in the "B" positions (long).

    If you are up for a challenge, come out to NAD park and play the Blue tees to the 'B' pins. The course record in that layout is -3, set by one of the local open players that happened to finish in the top 10 at the 2009 World Championships (Masters division).


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      All the pins are in the 'B' locations. Yes, all basket are long. Bring our full game if you plan on shooting under par, especially from the blue tees.

      The next basket change will be Monday, March 15th.


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        Is the Basket for 16 missing?


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          That's the one shooting straight uphill? The new B placement is completely different...if you're standing on the tee looking up the "main" fairway, the new placement is at about your 10 o'clock, shooting up the ravine.
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            All pin locations are in the short "A" position. They will be in the "A" pins until October 4th.


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              All pin locations at NAD are in the short "A" position for the summer.

              The new basket movement policy for NAD will be to use the "A" pin locations for the majority of the year. The "B" pin locations will be used periodically during the year. Most likely in the Fall and Spring for a month or two.


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                Pins were on B last month when I went there, are they back on A now?
                Hitch Hike Mike
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                  Originally posted by Paydirt View Post
                  Pins were on B last month when I went there, are they back on A now?
                  Baskets are back in the "A" position for the next few months.
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                    Just went today since Shelton was closed and the baskets are in the "B" position :/

                    Also was a miserable round with groups rushing us every other hole and a group of 15 just standing around taking pictures on Hole 3 for 10 minutes while we were backed up. Pretty disappointing day.
                    Hitch Hike Mike
                    *Team Blizzard*


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                      Baskets have been moved, theys are currently in the "A" pin locations.

                      The 2013 Basket move/rotation plan is:

                      April - "A"

                      August - "B"

                      October - "A"


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                        Baskets have been moved, they are in the "A" pin locations.

                        Next basket move is scheduled for February 1st, 2014 (All to the "B" pin locations).


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                          The Basket move/rotation plan for NAD Park will be as follows:

                          January - "B" pin locations

                          April - "A" pin locations

                          August - "B" pin locations

                          October - "A" pin locations


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