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    I was out at TR on Sun and was totally disgusted with the new trash cans and there placement around the course. Yesterday, I hauled out 12 bags of trash from the far reaches of the property. Consequently I also collected the cans and stacked them in our maintenance area. I left cans at the Kiosk, hole #3 (still up for debate). #8 and two more next to #10 tee (all of which are in main lot)

    Two months ago I (and several locals) had a walk through with the powers that be at TR. This group of locals had several points they wanted to discuss. An 18th hole, Fly mats, trash cans and as always some course redesign

    Certain issues were taken"off the table"

    Mats were to be removed during the winter ( the time we really need them)

    Course redesign/18 hole. The group was given an aerial view of the land and was given the "OK to Play around with it"

    The one thing that was agreed upon was "that trash can would be put out/emptied/ hauled to PR maintenance yard by the group". In the beginning the group did what they agreed too.* The placement of cans away from the parking lot allowed other park users to dump their loads (both figuratively and literally) for the Community to then dispose of.

    So my question is

    Do Trash cans really effect change or is Pack it In/Out still our best bet?

    * Twin Rivers is the only "In town" river park in Arlington. There are two access points to the river. One at the east end (under the highway, holes 3 and 3A ) and the other uses the same trail going west that is hole #16.

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    Pack in/Pack out - Unless the PR crew is going to haul garbage

    Outside user trash (and dg'er trash) is going to continually and quickly overwhelm the cans and from the sounds of several Arlington folks, the "local" crew isn't ready and committed to put forth the real effort it takes
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      Pack it in, pack it out is much better. Jub, we were always able to keep the trash under control that was put there by GOLFERS by just bringing a trash bag along while playing once a week. I find it insane that the Parks people won't drop a large trash bin down there and pick it up every week/two weeks/ a month. This is their job. Keep up the good work Jub.
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