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  • Twin Rivers course conditions

    Played twice around Twin Rivers today.
    The recent flooding has left mostly dried mud caking on the course.

    #4 fairway is strangely covered in sand, like a beach.

    The flooding did kill pretty much all the brush so the lanes are clearer now than they have ever been.

    The tee boxes are all dry and playable, I even actually used the box on #10, which I have always avoided in the past because of the slippery mud.

    #8 basket foundation is exposed, but the basket is vertical. Some of the other baskets are a little low, due to the new layers of silt that have been deposited.
    The field area is wonderful, all the grass has been knocked down, so it is pretty much impossible to loose a disc now.

    There is no formal tee boxes for #7 and #13, but a log marks the hack line on both.

    Overall, I have to say that the course has never played better than it does right now, I would encourage anybody who has been thinking about going to make the trip soon.

    #1 starts right behind the sign, when you get to a basket, look up for the white signs with arrows on them, above you in the trees, these will direct you to the next tee.

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    I have played quite a few rounds here since the last flood and agree with captain jack that the course has never played better that it does right now (at least for me). My first rounds here last summer were scary because of the thick under growth ~ which has been knocked down considerably by the flood so it's hard to lose a disc right now unless you throw one in the river on #4 or #6.

    Here is a link to the course brochure ~ good map of the holes if you scroll down a bit.


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      Has anyone been to the Arlington course lately? Per an article in today's Everett Herald....
      "Just outside Arlington, the flood's power was in evidence along Highway 530 near Twin Rivers County Park. Waters knocked over more than a dozen concrete highway barriers and turned soccer fields to mush."

      It looks like the whole course has been flooded once again. That's three 100 year floods in the last 7 years. Hmmm....

      However, once the sand/mud settles, the course is great to play on. Most of the underbrush should be somewhere near the I-5 overpass by now.


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