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  • Played Sunnyside for the 1st time...

    So a few buddies and I decided to make the 90 minute trek to Pullman to play Sunnyside since we have played every other course in the general region at least a hundred times each.

    Here are a list of pro's n cons for the course. Maybe the people in charge down there will read this and hopefully start making some changes to what could be a great little course for league and doubles play.

    Start with the pro's first:
    1.) Great use of the parks up and down rolling hills. Lots of up and down shots. Touch shots where the basket is at the peak of a hill and a misthrow, bad bounce or roll away could send you all the way back to the bottom of the parking lot.
    2.) Great variation of short and long (ok not long but 300 to 350) foot holes. This could be a great place to teach your children or newbs how to play this wonderfully addictive sport.
    3.) No real way to lose a disc unless you plant one dead center in the pond or happen to way overthrow hole 1.
    4.) Great place to work on rollers. In the summer with hard ground instead of the sogginess you could work both up and downhill rollers and be magical with them.
    5.) Not biased to either backhand or sidearm shots. All the holes are balanced so you can throw either way at them and still have a decent shot no matter what your throwing style is.

    Now the cons. Which I hate to say has more then the pro's:
    1.) Stepping out of the car into 8 used condoms is always a damper on my day. This is more a parks and recreation issue as they should be controlling the booty calls more effectively.
    2.) Lack of disposal stations for trash until you are back by the parking lot or next to the playground. The place wasn't trashed but I can definitely see it being an issue if the course got used by more disc golfers.
    3.) Not one eff'n tee pad or tee pad sign. All tee boxes are grass (or mud in our case). They aren't marked and they are only visible if you happen to spot the wood cut off point at the "front" of the box. Uneven ground makes it dangerous to put a lot of momentum behind some throws. Seriously, 400 bucks could totally get throw away carpet for the pads. A little elbow grease could level them. As for signs, they don't have to be anything special. Just a number would even be sufficient. Course navigation would've been impossible if it wasn't for a map at the beginning of the course. Which is one of the most detailed course maps ever. Which was good.
    4.) Half the baskets are actually portable Mach 14 chains. They aren't cemented into the ground and one is actually snapped at the welds which hold the basket to the pole. You can play it but once your disc hits the basket, the basket section falls left or right. A skivvy tweaker or unethical disc golfer could in theory walk off with 9 portables. They are buried in the dirt but that doesn't deter those whose want something that bad.
    5.) No alt pins. This course has tons of working room for alt pins. Perhaps even two alt pin layouts beside the main one. One could even make alt pads for each hole too. Land management was decent but I see a lot of area's that are used not even close to their potential.
    6.) Basket's are half numbered. Some face you with the number, some face the number away from you so you don't know which basket you are to throw.
    For Christ sakes, you could sharpie numbers on to them. This just seems like poor planning for the most part.
    7.) Out of bounds area's on the maps are great. Finding the actual out of bounds in a round however was difficult. An area that is out for one is in for another and quite confusing.
    8.) Last but not least, the harrowing looks you get from old people as you throw a disc. It seems the walkers think the whole park is there's and not afraid to walk over to your disc as you tell them to leave it alone. Four times in one round actually I had a family or walker grab my disc and walk off with it thinking they just found it. Even as we were politely explaining to one family what we were doing, they still didn't get it. I had to show my discs with my name on it before they would accept that the fact that is was mine. Almost didn't give it back since their 'kids' (11 and 14) wanted it. Sorry, but just like disc golfers have to be courteous, so should regular park patrons. I could see that being a problem with the rowdier bunch of young players.

    On a whole, I liked the course and will go back to play it on a nice day. The place is safari golf mecca. With the ability to throw all the way from one tee across to the last basket and not cross any other hole on the way, one could make this place VERY challenging. High winds are another good challenge since the park is open for the most with a few tree's scattered to cut out the most serious gusts. With a few hundred (no more then a thousand) dollars put into this place, it could be wonderful. Would be a hell of a great place to hold night tourney's. Would also be a hell of a place for league play and doubles play in a safari type situation.

    Course rating: 6.5 out of 10
    Course potential: 8 out of 10
    "Honest work is for the downtrodden and the Polish"
    Cleveland Brown

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    Thanks for your detailed review. In case you did have not seen it, there is a great site for material like this. Would you please consider adding this info to ? (I am not affiliated, but a fan and user of the site.)
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      Originally posted by TreeLove View Post
      Thanks for your detailed review. In case you did have not seen it, there is a great site for material like this. Would you please consider adding this info to ? (I am not affiliated, but a fan and user of the site.)
      I too am a giant fan and user of the site and plan on doing an exact copy of this review for the site. The only problem was due to the detail of the review I didn't have time to do so (since I am typing this at work and should actually be doing export paperwork, priorities!).

      I've got a few more I need to post up there, perhaps I should do that today.
      "Honest work is for the downtrodden and the Polish"
      Cleveland Brown


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