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  • Stimpi Ridge Is CLOSED to play until further notice.

    I'm sorry, but cigarette smokers who can't control their habit are responsible for the closing of Stimpi Ridge.
    I've found 3 Newport butts, 2 Marlboro, 1 Camel, and 1 Marlboro Light, on the forbidden tees and in the fairways and in the parking area, plus I've found burns, where smokers have snuffed out their cigarettes on the dry ground and carried the butts with them. THAT'S STILL SMOKING ON THE COURSE! you idiots.
    I've given smoking areas, that come around every 4 or 5 holes. You can't wait that long, so my course is closed to you.
    I feel very disrespected and am disappointed in humankind in general, right now.
    If I thought it was just one or two people, but so many instances, and so many different brands... and those are just the ones I found TODAY!
    I've had enough.
    I don't know what I'll do, but for now the course is closed to everyone but me and my family.
    Thank you,

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    I'm sorry to hear that this is happening. But I would feel the same way as you do right now.

    I bet that most smokers would understand how you feel if an invited guest in their home sh*t on their kitchen floor. Especially since they have a area designed just for that purpose in their home.

    It's a shame that so few can ruin a good thing for all.
    Fly free and straight to the pin!


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      Wow I am sorry to hear about this level of disrespect/stupidity on your course, Stimp. I have never seen anybody smoke on it but if I ever get the chance to play on it again I will be certain to be on extra guard/lookout for anybody disrespecting the course and deal w/ them accordingly.

      "Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya?"


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        Good for you. Those damn caggers think that the world is their ashtray.
        "I love it when a plan comes together" -John 'Hannibal' Smith


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