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  • Terraced greens/course improvements requiring HELP!

    Hi Everybody,
    Stimpi Ridge was gifted two huge mounds of dirt, one on #8 and the other next to it on #17.
    I want to terrace #8 into an elevated green/birthday cake style.
    I'm thinking rock wall for the lower level, perhaps a giant tractor tire for the second level, with a smaller tractor tire for a third step, with the basket perched on top.
    If you feel like moving some big rocks and helping build the wall please get in touch with me. I'm also looking for an 8-10' diameter tractor/like tire, not too wide that laying down it would be too tall to step up on, and eventually a "normal" size tractor tire, so if you know of any laying around needing to be recycled, let me know.
    I'm trying to organize a couple of things at once here, and find help for them as well. Besides the terraced green on #8, I'm looking for ideas for the mound on #17. I'd like for them to be unique. I'm wondering how to keep it in a mound without growing grass on it (and trying to mow it), and be able to walk around on it. Hmmmmm?
    Another whole project I'm getting ready to start on is... wait for it...

    concrete teepads!!!!
    My donation box has brought in some dough to trade for bags of concrete, and the Ridge was gifted some lumber (still looking for 2x4's for forms) so I thought I'd start looking for some helpers in that realm as well.

    Basically I'm looking for a crew of about 100, for a day.

    I'd settle for a few guys that would come up now and then and level pads, nail frames together, move and stack rocks, mix and pour concrete.

    If you've got some free time, a good back, and feel like making some improvements on a myteefyn local disc golf course, let me know, or come on up. I'll buy the beer.
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