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  • Lil Punks @ the course.

    Troy and I were playing the course 2 weeks back and came up to some tee boxes with freshly burnt pcs of wood, pineneedles and whatever. I noticed 3 kids that were ahead of us and was thinking it was them and just wanted to catch them doing it. Well we caught up with them on hole 5 and they had a 12" fire going. My 1st instinct was to beat the crap out of them but I would wait to see if they wanted that or not as soon as they opened there mouth I came up and said so you guys are the F-n pyros out here and they started to laugh and said yep. So I got in there face told them they were idiots and all they had to say was where is it posted not to start fires. By that time Troy and I started to see red so we just told them its common sense with a few cuss words so we let them off with a warning. Now if you see them, all I have to say is they have been warned and now its time to beat them down or If I catch them then I know what will be done because I did give them a warning. Keep your eye out and I guess we need to make signs for the idiots out there.
    I said whippet, whippet good.
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