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  • Originally posted by Sean Johnson View Post
    I think that Jshrack is referring to the fact that someone has dug out what appears to be an alternate teepad for 18. They didn't get very far along, but it definitely looks like the beginning of a teepad.
    THAT ONE WAS NOT A CLUB PLANNED ONE. that one has been filled in but we are still VERY dissappointed at ALL the small CUT trees someone has DECIDED to trim down to the ground ..


    • Saturday work party

      We had a good day at Downriver yesterday and accomplished a few things on Jon's list.

      • Moved the tee-sign from old #3's tee-box to #3's new position.
      • Installed a bench at #3.
      • Installed a timber on the downside of #15's tee-box to reduce erosion.
      • Installed a bench at #15.
      • Utilized the old picnic table top for a bench on #2.
      • Repaired 2 areas of vandalism.
      • Recovered the anchor from old #12.

      Thanks to Jon Verbarg, Joe Barnett and Gordy Crafts for these improvements.
      Fly free and straight to the pin!


      • Originally posted by Wobbly Bob View Post
        Recovered the anchor from old #12.
        Goodbye old #12, Woe! The days of throwing from the pit over the hill of death are gone!
        "When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace." -- Jimi Hendrix


        • Originally posted by psychodwarf View Post
          Maybe giving our members input on the planning process would circumvent some of these issues?

          Also, was there a work party?
          I know I would have gotten my hands dirty if I had heard anything.
          When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a Frisbee.


          • Maybe giving our members input on the planning process would circumvent some of these issues
            from what i have learned IT was a club member who took it upon themselves to make a new tee pad because THEY were`nt happy with the one that was there.


            • If there are club members out there digging teepads to their own liking, I suspect there are club members out there tearing out trees and bushes to their own liking as well.
              I've always thought the tearing up of the course was attributed to the "folfers", who care less about the course,club,sport or anything but drinking beer and throwing drivers, but I'm starting to think they would be too lazy or uninterested to modify the course. It may be "low-down, sneaky", club members. Man, that's like having a spy from the evil forces in our midst.


              • Originally posted by jshrack View Post
                Maybe giving our members input on the planning process would circumvent some of these issues?

                Also, was there a work party?
                I know I would have gotten my hands dirty if I had heard anything.
                These posts are input in the the process and they do carry weight in the process. I read all these posts regularly, respond from time to time, and sometimes make posts of my own. The present body of work at DR regarding pin and pad movement is coming to a close. The improvements for signage, tee surfaces, a putting area and benches will continue. An item that is getting serious consideration for pin placement is an alternate for #1. In a previous post I announced that extra anchors are on the way. An exact spot remains to be chosen.....Other than that there are one or two more hole changes to get done. There is some erosion control to install. Simultaneously similar upgrades for pads , signs and benches are underway at HB. I think Jon is planning a work party for this Sat. at HB. Watch for a post.


                • DeLaveaga is a great blueprint for any course layout. Its 27 holes, has A, B, C, and Tournament Sunday locations. It has a great meeting, practice area and central location. This model is proven time and time again. It is exciting creating and doing new things to the course. Following De Las lead is a smart and proven way to go

                  The De Laveaga Disc Golf Course is one of the most highly rated disc golf courses in the world. It is famous for its inspiring natural setting, as well as for its uncompromising challenge. The course was originally installed in 1984, with the vision & hard work of local Tom Schot [1991 Grand Master World Champion.] The original course consisted of 18 holes, with the trademark green 4 X 4 posts as the targets.

                  Since then, the park's development has seen the course grow to 27 Holes outfitted with Professional "pole holes". The funds to pay for these "pole holes", cement tee pads, and other necessities have been generated from the activities of the De Laveaga Disc Golf Club, as well as from the generosity of some local players.

                  The course is currently & solely maintained by the De Laveaga Disc Golf Club, which was formed in 1986 to promote disc golf in upper De Laveaga Park. The Santa Cruz City Parks & Recreation Department, does not currently contribute to the maintenance of this portion of the park. Therefore, it is the assumed responsibility of all who share in the pleasures of this game, in this park, to help in its necessary upkeep.

                  Common sense is the rule at De Laveaga-
                  # Be Earth Consious-
                  # Pack Your Trash-
                  # DO NOT ALTER THE COURSE-
                  # Play Quietly-
                  # Be Aware of Flying Discs-
                  # Now is a good time to quit smoking-
                  # Enjoy

                  This is a User-Supported Disc Golf Course-you can help in the continued upkeep and improvements to this course by making a contribution to the De Laveaga Disc Golf Club whose goal is to promote the sport of disc golf to the community (donations can be mailed to the address below). Due to the increased number of players, please, adhere to the following, in order that all may enjoy a fun & timely round of disc golf:
                  # Please keep your group to five or less. If your group is larger than five, consider splitting into multiple groups. Please be considerate of other players in and out of your group.
                  # If your group is large (or slow), allow other groups to proceed through, if asked. Do NOT throw on other groups. Wait until they have holed out before throwing. Then ask politely if you can "Shoot Through".
                  # The LAW states you must leash your pets. It can cost you big bucks if the park rangers find your pet unleashed. Also, please, prevent your pet from digging critter craters in the fairways. Dog fights are not cool either, if you know your dog is an egomaniac, leash them, or leave them.
                  # The LAW also states NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES in the park. Just so you know. Please, RETURN ALL FOUND DISCS TO THE LOST & FOUND. LOSERS WEEPERS IS NOT AN ENFORCEABLE LAW.

                  The De Laveaga Disc Golf Club
                  343 Soquel Ave #45
                  Santa Cruz, CA 95062
                  It's what you learn after you know it all that counts.sigpicJohn Wooden


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