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  • Trees were cut down

    I went and played a round this morning and noticed that on hole #4 the lil pain in the but middle of the fairway tree was cut down???? I drove on hole #5 and got to the green going straight at the basket because there are a lot of small trees cut out around the green there also??? Then our old hole #21 has a decent sized tree cut out of the right side hyzer route which opens it up quite a bit??? Now is there someone that is suppose to be doing this to the course or is it some am that has a problem aiming around the trees?? Im going to keep my eye out for anyone cutting anything while Im down there, I might even hang out there later tonight they still have the back half to make easier.
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    That seems fucked up . I bet it's a combination of opening up fairways and people saying things like 'God if only that tree hadn't gotten in the way'. Seems like Downriver is getting destroyed. Don't think I'll play it again till the 'changes' are completed.
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      First I want to thank Eric for keeping these and other topics updated in an open forum. All his little and not so little observatiuons are about what having a course and taking care of it is about......I saw the tree that Eric spoke of on #21 yesterday during clean-up and it is clearly an act of course destruction. While I doubt the individuals involved will come forth to take credit, everyone should be vigilant and be prepared to condemn such acts openly and frequently......Eric; the heavy lifting part of the trash removal is done for now; maybe you could jump in and keep up on the bottle caps and cig. butts? Your wanna be Chumper, Gordy.


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