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  • DR Course Changes

    Chris Re, the SDGA Facilities Coordinator is heading the project to propose changes to the DownRiver Disc Golf course. He is requesting feedback from anyone who has 2 cents to add.

    The basic discussion has revolved around three options:

    1. An immediate fix to resolve saftey issues caused by over-lapping fairways that would include the removal of three holes resulting in an 18 hole layout.

    2. An intermediate restructuring that would happen soon to resolve the over-lapping of the three holes but keep a 21 hole lay out.

    3. A substantial redesign of the course that would take place over the next year.

    Chris will be checking this forum for your feedback and will present an update on our progress to the SDGA membership at our next club meeting on Tuesday April 21st at 6:30 at the Season Ticket. Please provide feedback to Chris before that date.

    Chris and the other SDGA board members would like to thank everyone who has voiced their opinions so far. It's very helpful to hear from you.


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    The club will be deciding at the next meeting how we will be moving foreward
    1. Our first option is to pull holes 6, 10 and 12 and to swap teepads for 1 and 20

    2. Our second option is to do some minor changes to the layout which i
    will have several options to choose from based on input from club members.

    3. Our third option is to follow option one and then at the end of the sept.
    do a complete redesign of the course.

    any input on option 1 for holes 1 and 20 would be appretiated
    and any input on partial redesigns( similar to the two temporary layouts)

    Thanks Christopher Re'


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      My 2 cents

      Well, first of all, I know that you won't be able to please everybody. It is a daunting task and I know that whatever happens will be for the best. My suggestion is that you take out hole 6 and 12. Combine 7-8 to make one hole, with some redesign of tee/pin placement. As for 9-10 cross, it is in my opinion that visually, a player can see 10's tee from 9's tee, and vise versa. So I feel that those two could stay the same way. After 11 one could hike up and play what is now 21, making what is now hole 13, become hole 18. Hole 1 and 20, well that is a concern and don't know what to do there. Both of those holes are great the way they are, but it is a big blind cross where people can get hurt. By switching the pins, hole 1 play to 20, and hole 20 play to hole 1, breaks up the flow of the course. Having to walk back to hole 2, and having to cross the fairway to finish on what would be 18(old 13).
      Or pull the whole course and redesign. I've played the layout proposed and like some of the holes, but didn't feel "Wow, that is so much better!" Most of the long holes were gone and still had some flow issues. I don't know what the answer is, but know that there are safety concerns that need to be resolved. GOOD LUCK!


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        HEy there. Its been awhile since playing downriver since now I'm on the West Side but that was a fun course and I remeber what holes your talking about as far as crossing and safety. My 2:

        Yeah 21 holes is nice however I'm one of those that would rather see 18 holes wich included a couple of dominating holes. If its 18 holes but on 3 of those holes you are forced to throw a drive twice to get to the approach then its like you played 18.

        Like Iceman said you're not going to please everyone. And unfortuntly with your efforts of safety and flow someone is going to come out of the wood work to complain. Good Luck with your efforts and I look forward to the Lilac City Open!


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          I like icemans ideas for holes 8-10. Hole 10 is a pretty sweet hole and I would hate to see it go. I think the biggest safety issue in that section of the course is the players teeing off 10 are endangering the players putting on 8. Players teeing on 9 and 10 can see one another, but to alleviate those crosses, possibly play 9 the way we have in DROs and LCOs.
          As for holes 1 and 20, I think the issues in that section of the course go deeper than those 2 holes. Just switching those tees wont really solve much. Those may be the only 2 holes that cross, but there are a few other holes that with a slightly arrant drive, you're into another fairway, on another hole's green, or another hole's tee pad. So maybe that section of the course does need a good overhaul.


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            I think the changes voted on last night are a good first step towards resolving the immediate issues until a full redesign can be addressed. I also think for a while there are going to be some confused people out there looking for, or still throwing on, holes that aren't there, and it will be up to all of us to be helpful and explain the changes and the reasons for them when we meet those folks.


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              What is the change so that way Im not one of those confused people throwing at the wrong hole, but that could be my new excuse
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                Flipping pins/tees for holes 1 and 20.

                Pulling 6.

                Pulling 8.

                Shortening 9.

                Pulling 12.

                All are supposed to be temporary through the summer while a layout that improves the play and safety of the course is devised.
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                  So is the tee box (pad-mat) going to be where the river comes through during one of our flood stages or up on the side of the hill somewhere? If its only temp while the safety issues get resolved down lower makes sense but we know the river will come up again sometime so leaving it there would be sorta silly. I think when 9 gets shortend we should take the tee sign off so not to get it vandalized and move the mat to its new location. I would like to have Tyler help with all the physical stuff on my behalf, Peace. Oh yeah where is the tee gonna be???
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                    No clue.

                    I would rather switch 9's teepad with 10's pin.

                    It would cut out the crossing danger, keep the holes good, and wouldn't get flooded.
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                      So I walk into Downriver and I get on hole 1 and throw to 20's basket? And then I walk back up 1's fairway and around the rock pile that way or around the other side of the rock pile up fairway 2? Is that the layout so far because that doesnt sound safe anyway you look at it?
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                        DR changes

                        Ok I need to know what number hole 13 would be in the new layout? Would it be hole 18?
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                          I believe that 20's tee to 1's pin is the new #1.

                          Then its all the same as usual, except hole 21 is now after current 11, and current tee #1 to 20's pin is after current 19. Current hole 13 is the new 18 as you presume, and it brings you back to the start.

                          Its similar to the flow of the 18 hole layout played in handicap tournies a couple years ago.
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                            The other way to do it is 1's tee to 20's pin off the start, then current 13, then 20's tee to 1's pin.

                            Then you play through normally, with 21 after 11, and 19 being the last hole.

                            Either way works.
                            We're at our best when it's from our hips


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                              hole 9 is staying as is
                              teepad 20 to basket 1 is hole one
                              teepad 1 to basket 20 is hole 17
                              both teepads will be moved


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