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  • Inner Chains added

    Inner Chains were added to all 19 Mach New II baskets on 11/21/2009. The upgrade was paid for by the Willamette Disc Golf Club with funds generated from Calapooia Classic 2009 amateur scrip redemption.

    Also new stairs are in place at hole #8's tee, but they are not finished and should be used with caution.

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    PDGA Question

    How does the PDGA rules deal with modified baskets?
    They are no longer conform to an approved design.
    DGA parts were obviously not used in the modification.

    I am just wondering about this situation. It probably makes the baskets catch better. Just something to think about.


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      Based on the new target guidelines approved starting this year, they would not be PDGA approved unless the inner chains were provided by the manufacturer. If the added chains were the equivalent of the manufacturer's upgrade kit, that would be a grey area. From a practical standpoint, it's going to take several years for any type of compliance checks or events being rejected for not having approved baskets. Even then, it will only start at the highest level events which is why Bob wanted to get his baskets approved. We appreciate his efforts to follow through on getting them approved simply for his support of attempts to improve consistency of targets for the sport.


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        Inner Chains

        The 18 hole courses built over the years by the WDGC & DGCA have DGA Mach New II baskets that had 6 inner chains from the factory with the other 6 not installed when compared to the DGA Mach V that has all 12 inner chains installed. The 6 “missing” inner chains have been added to all these baskets essentially “Mach V’ing” them. Obviously Willamette & Adair were installed and upgraded years ago. The Bryant and Waterloo courses were both installed over two years, 2007 & 2008. Bryant’s 6 missing inner chains were installed in 2008 on all baskets and now the WDGC/DGCA had the funding to get the job done at Waterloo. Although the chains & S-hooks used are not from the DGA they are matched as close as we can get to those from the factory.

        Hopefully this will be acceptable to all parties as both clubs continue the strong tradition of quality events both sanctioned & non sanctioned at our courses using the “Mach V’d” DGA Mach New II baskets.

        Thanks Chuck for the clarification on the current state of the rules for targets.


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