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    [moved from "Personal Best" thread]

    since we on tadmor subject, a few people are telling me i am nuts for hosting a tournament there? I got a few good reviews before i decidied to host there and now a few are telling me otherwise?

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    Tadmor is awesome. The only reason I can imagine some whiners complaining is because you're not allowed to drink or smoke there.
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      If Tadmor has had some tree and brush clearing, the course is awesome! A wide variety of shots. I drink and smoke, but I still went out there to play and just refrained for the couple hours I was there. It could have been the fact that it was really close to my house ( Tadmor is way out past McDowell Creek parks ) and I always had the course to myself!!!
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        Originally posted by snap7times View Post
        Anyone know what is a very good score at Camp Tadmor is? Since got a Deaf tournament there in a few weeks...

        Tadmor is alot of fun. I have played the course maybe 60-70 rounds. I don't recall what my best is, but I have shot a birdie on almost ever hole on the front 9 in several games. I generally don't do as well on the back, so I would say it is probably about 8-11 under is my best on that 18. I have an advantage of playing the course about 20 times in a weekend though. I play there during chrch camp and I play until I am too blistered to move anymore.


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          Camp Tadmor

          I recently went to tadmor for a church retreat and took my discs with me.It is a very fun course but I managed to lose my Rose City Open Avenger on hole nine.I don't know how because it was a really short shot. I like the course alot but the only thing I wish I had was a course map because I had some trouble finding holes.So if anybody who goes out to tadmor finds an avenger my number should be on there and I would greatly appreciate a return. I loved the course and going there for my church retreat.Hopefully I will be able to go back sooner or later.


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            They have maps/scorecards that they give out, and I scanned one and put it here:


            It's not the best map ever, but better than nothing. I didn't bother scanning the scorecard part because the distances were clearly wrong on a lot of holes.
            Oregon disc golf map


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