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  • Gold Hill Course Approval!

    Gold Hill City Council granted RVDA their approval to install a nine-hole tonepole course at Gold Hill Sports Park. We're meeting there tomorrow around 3:30 to get started!

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    Is there a link you can give us?
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      Originally posted by sillybizz View Post
      Is there a link you can give us?
      Feel pretty dumb asking this, but...
      to what?


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        Well, there's this article, from a month ago:

        Bob Chard dug up the right person (Bob Lobdell, with the state Dept of Lands) to ask about the fairy shrimp, and they walked the area last week. Lobdell said there are no vernal pools. So we met with the council again tonight and they said "go". We goin'.

        And here's how to get there: I5 to exit 40. If you were south-bound, turn left; if you were northbound, turn right. At stopsign, make a left. That puts you on 99-234. Go over that skinny bridge (eek) into Gold Hill; make a right on Dardanelles-234-SamsValley. Make your first right after the tracks, onto 4th-234-SamsValley. Drive a little farther, not even half a mile. Look to your right. You're there.
        Yeah, this is a lot of directions for what's basically a "get off the freeway, jog through town, right over the tracks, head out of town, pull over by the river at the park". Sorry.

        Want to work, anyone? Gabe, Jesse Bob and I will be there tomorrow (Tuesday) around 3:30, and again Wednesday around 4:30.


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          I will be there!!! Big step for Jackson county disc golfers. For those that come out here please remember we are on a 90 day trial run of the dgc. That means best behavior, pick up any trash you see and try not to nail any little leaguers. Hopefully we will have baskets in soon!!
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            If you hit a little leaguer, give him/her a good driver.
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              Work Party Wednesday 4-7

              Wow, got a lot done yesterday! Here's today's plan:

              Tees for five and nine
              Posts for eight and nine
              Tones on all the posts
              Fairway clearing (a'plenty) on nine

              So come on down, Rogue Valley golfers. The guys will be showing up around 3:30. (Weds, April 7, Gold Hill Sports Park)


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                Can you fill us in on the structure of your tone poles? Who made them? How expensive?
                The Corporate Empire is NOT a Constitutional Republic...
                ...but it plays one on TV.


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                  Originally posted by Ol' Bob View Post
                  Can you fill us in on the structure of your tone poles? Who made them? How expensive?
                  Sure. We didn't spend much - just used 4x4 posts, and will use 8" PVC for the tone. The course might exist for only three months, after which the council will vote on whether it can stay or not. If it stays, then we'll start fundraising for baskets.

                  Progress today: Tee pad on nine, post on nine, a mess of blackberry clearing on nine -- and I'm not sure what else. I know the tones didn't go on yet. (I got there after 6 so just focused on helping out on nine.)

                  Next work party: Well, Bob's going to be there Saturday at one.


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                    Pictures of Gold Hill course

                    Tones are all attached! Course is wonderfully playable.
                    Heading out there soon, because there's still work to do (brush clearing, and adding some beginner tee pads).

                    I can't figure out how to add photos to these fora, so here's a link to my shutterfly site with some Friday evening pics of the Gold Hill course:


                    -Sue Currie


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                      I like the nail number!


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                        Originally posted by The Brodys View Post
                        I like the nail number!

                        Course update: Bob Chard and I worked out there today. We did a bunch of fairway clearing on nine; still a lot more to do, though! He sprayed the tones blue. I'm surprised how much easier they are to see now.

                        We ran into a group of local teens playing! I'm stoked about that.


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                          Has the jury reached a verdict?

                          Hey Queen 'Ping of the Pong' what's up with this course?
                          After viewing the pics, it looks like a good beverage course to me.
                          I'll have a "Roc on the Rocks" please.
                          Seriously..... Sue,
                          Big Kood's on your efforts in the disc golf movement!
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                            is this course still playable?


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