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    I played Trojan for my first time yesterday and I loved it! Beautiful day on a great course with awesome company. Mitch met us out there to show us around and let me tell you... he is a full service tour guide! He brought his grabber to get discs out of the brambles and water which helped a ton and also was very entertaining to boot.

    I believe it was hole 7 where his drive landed and rolled into the pond. We get up to it and it was visible, just a few feet out. He tried reaching for it but it was just out of reach so he lays down and I grab his ankles and he can touch it but he just can't grab a hold of it. My friend Stephen finds a long branch which Mitch uses to drag the disc along the bottom towards the shore but so much sediment was stirred up it was impossible to see the disc so we moved on to let it settle.

    We play holes 8-11 without much incident except for me losing my Eagle in the pond on 10. Mitch was lamenting the loss of his Avenger SS and said something about jumping in for it if need be, he really wanted that disc back. He mentioned something about the water not being too cold or something... I don't know, I was busy .

    So we set our bags down on the tee at 12 and walk back to look for it again. As we walk up we can see it just a couple feet off shore, totally reachable! As he steps up to the bank and reaches down with the grabber(it's kind of a blind bank there with the tall grass camouflaging the edge) he steps just a bit too far and falls in the pond. I couldn't stop laughing.

    Thanks for sharing your time with us Mitch! Have you dried out yet? I can't wait to meet the rest of the Nation. Of course, I got paid back for my laughter by losing 2-3 discs on the second round.

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    Yeah. So. At least the water was warm.

    Jevon, you and Stephen (? I am horrible with names) were a blast to throw with. I was kind of worried that you may have thought I was pissed about falling in. It seemed like you guys didn't know whether to laugh or not. All in all, it was pretty hilarious.

    Thanks for heading up here to check out the course. We do our best to get as many people up here as we can. We talk up the course quite a bit, but we think it is deserving of the praise we heap on it.

    Hope you guys had a blast - I sure did. I look forward to getting to throw with both of you again, at Trojan, or elsewhere.

    And if you remember where the discs were lost at, and what the were, don't forget to post it in the appropriate thread.
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