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    what's the deal with the new stubb course? is anything in the ground and playable? any upcoming work partys?
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    There's a work party this weekend:

    Hey everyone,

    The design team has finished the layout of the new course at Stub Stewart and we in the process of working with Steve Kruger, lead ranger on this project, to implement our design. We have had some set backs due to weather and timing but now Steve is charging full speed ahead to use non-disc golf volunteer work crews to complete portions of the design and to bring this course to fruition. However we are behind schedule and we are running up against the deadline with Washigton County Tourism Board on the grant that we received last year for the money to buy the baskets and building materials. The course was intended to be completed by June 15th 2010 but as you can see we are not quite there yet.

    However there is a portion of the project that we would like to complete this weekend with the help of all of you. This Sunday we would like to complete the 3 hole course in the camping areas between East and West camping grounds. This course is intended to be a beginner/ instructional course and it is in all respects a miniature version of the course that is going in at the hilltop day use area. The course will be going into a very dense stand of trees that are about 10-20 years old. We will be assisting Steve by removing limbs and tree trunks from the areas that he cuts and hauling them out to the open areas where they can be cut up. The trees are on average 4-6 inches round and about 20-40 feet high. Steve and I are hoping to get right to work on Sunday June 13th carving these short fairways into the young stand of trees creating the lanes necessary for instruction and play. The fairways are not going to be very long, 100-200 feet long and are not
    intended for anything more that instruction and beginners to play but it could be a fun addition to the camping area with your help.

    We are planning to create one hyzer hole, one straight hole and one anhyzer hole for a RHBH, but of course it will provide equal challenge for all beginner throwers of any orientation.

    I also need your help in that I can not be on-site for the entire day and I need someone to take the lead on this project for the volunteers. Steve will be the park lead and will provide the structure for the project but I need someone to fill in for my role. We are hoping to complete this project within a week or so to get ready for the camping season that is upon us. We have all the materials necessary to complete the project including the baskets, tee pad frames and pavers. All we need are volunteers and some time. If you know anyone else that can come out and help please invite them as well.

    If you can come out to the work party and give a few hours of your time that would help us out immensely. Please email me back so I know if we have enough people to make this happen.

    If you can and would like to take the lead in my place please contact me so we can work out the logistics.

    Here is the necessary information:
    Work Party
    Stub Stewart State Park
    Sunday June 13th 1pm-8pm
    West Camping area, park by meeting hall in the back of the campground.
    Could include free camping Sunday night to volunteers.

    Michael Phillips

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      Not sure how Mike feels about having his phone number posted, so I removed it from the previous post. You can PM Flash on this forum if you'd like more details.


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        Thanks Scott for removing my phone number.

        Nice of Adam to post my email for me but a heads up would have been nice!

        So Steve Kruger also mentioned that we can use the meeting hall to do a BBQ if we would like and yes volunteers camp for free Sunday night.

        Please Post in this forum if you can make it out this Sunday. I know its short notice but that's how these things work sometimes.
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          Sorry about that... I just figured you wanted the word out.
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            Originally posted by Adam Schneider View Post
            Sorry about that... I just figured you wanted the word out.
            I do its just weird seeing my exact email in print on the forum. It just caught me a little off guard, but i am glad Scott caught the phone number before too long.

            I was looking to the people on the email list to use my words and then go out and find some volunteers. I have found that email chains produce more volunteers then forum posts.
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              This is great news. Unfortunately due to the short notice I won't be able to attend because I have committed to a work party in Washington this weekend. Please post other work parties at Stub Stewart State Park and I will try my best to make it.


              Seattle, WA


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                Originally posted by Flash View Post
                I do its just weird seeing my exact email in print on the forum.
                I actually had it forwarded to me by Steve Kruger.
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                  does anyone know when this course is going to be put in the ground and playable? im not looking for exact dates but, <2 months >2months. anything?


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                    Originally posted by ryanajanes View Post
                    does anyone know when this course is going to be put in the ground and playable? im not looking for exact dates but, <2 months >2months. anything?
                    ...get in touch with flash (mike phillips) and see if you can help out with a work party or something... i know if more of us got involved () it would get in the ground faster... also, he might be able to give you a time line...

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                      Any new word on the course? Any work partys comin up?


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                        Yes. We will be having a Stumptown sponsored work party out at Stubb Stewart on October 17th. More information to come so keep an eye out on the work party forum!!!

                        Originally posted by Chopper View Post
                        Any new word on the course? Any work partys comin up?
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                          Just to verify - Stub Stewart currently has 9 playable holes, correct?


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                            im going out there soon to play the 9. woohoo!


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