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  • Rooster Rock 2014

    May 4th, Rooster Rock West fairways have been cut out from the tall grass...#1W is in the original long, and #9W is shooting up toward the picnic area. #6W at the marina would be in the short, high and dry, but folks decided to break the trees on the easiest, shortest hole on the course, so it is in the long, and needs mowing near the basket. The East End will use the original placements once the grass and plants recover from their first 10 years of use. This will be updated and posted at tee #1 when it happens.

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    The Columbia continues to rise, toward #5W, #6W, and the #7W tee pad, all of which are still playing dry. On the East end, #1E and #8E are in the original longs, to the left !!!


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      I had to re-write this... On the West End, #1W and #8W will go to the alternates for the winter. #6W will move as the Columbia allows, and #9W will move up near the picnic area. On the East End, #1E and #8E are in the alternate placements (to the right). #6E should get a new placement about 50' deeper into the woods. It's been a great summer out there. Watch the leaves on the West end, they can be 2 feet deep in the fall.
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        Hi Sanchez. I love these two courses. You mentioned a longer position on 6E? My whole group has taken to lobbing tomahawks on 6E, and it feels more like a basketball free-throw. Don't mean to complain, just some input.


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          OK Timbott, thanks for posting this. The tomahawk out there, even though it is also common on #4. This #6E was previously very short, and technical to turn left through the 2 big trees. Because of players going straight through the woods, directly to the basket (not tomahawk), the trees were broken out and the technicality was lost. Unfortunately, this is a continuing issue, where the original turns in fairways and design intent are quickly lost through the breaking of trees, except on the largest of fairways, like parts of Stubb Stewart, etc.

          The current placement has been there 1 year, and the wear is visible.

          We are looking at alternate placements that can safely be extended deeper into the woods. The newest alternate #6 might still be a tomahawk first throw, but a difficult birdie. I urge you guys to take a walk back there to see the pin sleeve.

          Not all disc holes require big arm drives, so there is some variation in the play. A practiced light tomahawk here means you have a kiler approach shot on a longer course where you might have no other option for your throw. The two big trees could become a double-mando. That would end the tomahawks, but is it better? I'm not sure.

          You have raised an important point, and I will keep this in mind. The game should have excitement, challenge, and difficulty. Myself, I am trying to keep the courses as technical as possible.

          Thanks for this great question!


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            I hope you are not saying that the tree breaking is intentional, that would truly be sad.

            I have to say that I love the overhand throws on four, and find I usually use another as an upshot on 8 (from the bottom of the ravine).

            Next time I am out there I will look for the new pin position. Thanks for getting back to me.


            One fantasy I have on #5E is to put the basket into the enormous hole in the tree that is about 20ft uphill from current location. Probably not as easy as I imagine.


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              I found the new #6 placement after crawling through a tunnel of bushes.


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