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  • Guerrilla Course Alterations

    I played Orchards Park on the way home from work this afternoon. On hole #7 someone had broken off a HUGE limb from the oak tree to the right of the basket. This limb is at least 6 inches in diameter and 15 to 20 feet long. If you look, you can see that it was broken off at least 20 feet above the ground. Two weekends ago I found another limb off the same tree. This one was only about 3 inches in diameter and about the same length.I played Orchards friday at 7:00 pm so it must have happened over the weekend. Someone is trying to make an easier path from right to left into the basket. Do we contact the Hillsboro Parks Dept. or police this ourselves.

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    There's an official protocol for this:

    Identify the miscreant.

    Gently admonish the offendor, show the path of righteous behavior.

    Should misbehavior continue, escalate through the community, give the individual, "feces" in a good natured fashion.

    Worst case scenario, harvest the offender, gut them and freeze them properly, incorrigibles can be donated to the Hab/Rec for stew meat.

    That's the only reason the Hab/Rec doesn't get PDGA certified - some kind of weird dietary requirement...


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      Contact the Parks Dept.


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        Scott, I tend to agree with you, particularly when you are agreeing with Sam, but c'mon, Hab/Rec STEW!

        Times are tight and you gotta get fed where you can...


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          And yes, contact the parks department...


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            There is a new group of locals, who while in need of dental work and reading skills, think they own that park. Unfortunately Orchard is becoming much like an east side course of like fame and renown. A moth ago this group played through our group, didn't ask to play through mind you, just threw on us. Then became aggressive when we called them on it. I worked with the Hillsboro P&R, they won't put up with this level of abuse, they'll just pull the course. Other than a few TTs I don't waste time at Orchard, too many mouth breathers who seem to think the course was put there for their sole use.
            educate your thinking


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              I know what you mean J man. I don't like the course but its 5 mins. from where I live, so I stop there to practice on my way home from work. On the weekends I go somewhere (anywhere) else to play. But I just don't like people
              (and I use the term lightly) coming in and tearing up trees just to make a hole easier.


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