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  • Danger on hole 5!

    After the hole 5 long pad was removed, I started exclusively using the short pad. I was told the change was requested by the neighbors, in an effort to keep discs off of their property. I was sad, but I respected the change.

    I was at the 5 short tee pad today, waiting for the group ahead of me. When my wife and I walked up to the pad, pushing my baby's stroller, the owner of one of the houses was leering at me from his driveway. When I said hello, he didn't acknowledge us, he just kept leering. 2 people from the house got in the car. By then we had been standing there for about 3 minutes. The car backed up out of the driveway, straight at us. I assumed it would turn onto the road, as one does when backing out of a driveway. I was mistaken. The car didn't stop until it was a foot from me and about 3 feet from the stroller, with my 8 month old in it. I yelled and put my hand on the rear fender, as my wife went into full ninja mode and quickly pushed the stroller out of the way. All 4 of the car's wheels were on the grass, beyond the gravel road. After I yelled, the car stopped, and the lady driving seemed shocked.

    She said that she didn't realize we were there. When I told her we had been there for 3 minutes and had even made eye contact with her before she got in the car, she said that she didn't realize we were so close. She didn't have her glasses on, you see. She told me that she ought to have a chauffeur, but she couldn't afford one. She said a few other things that made it very clear she should no longer be driving.

    Sorry for the rant. I guess my point is that I will be playing 5 from the long from now on. I just have a problem with people aiming their car at my 8 month old son. We've worked hard on him, and we'd really like to keep him.

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    i have heard the people that own the houses on the right are usually mean and dont like disc golf. BUT, i tossed my disc into one of their fenced yards and the people were very nice and seemed interested in disc golf.


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      I certainly don't mean to imply everyone who lives adjacent to the park is bad. 5 or 6 years ago I lost a disc and got a phone call from a nice person who lived along the course. She left a message that she would leave my disc on her front porch, and I could pick it up at my convenience.

      I do mean to imply that those throwing from 5 short should watch out for cars coming out of nearby driveways, and that I won't be using that pad anymore.


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        why was the other pad removed anyways? for the last 6 months it has gone from good, to chunks taken out of it, to pile of rubble, to non existent.


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          Yeah it almost seemed like the neighbors broke it up in the middle of the night. I've seen some pretty bad shots (others, and my own) and never got close to a house on the long tees, but have sent a few in to the houses from the short one.


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            I think it was one of the neighbors that broke it up.

            Dan who told you that we aren't to throw from long 5 anymore?

            Alot of the problems derive from people with no couth. Throwing beer cans and bottles about the course, pot smoking in plain view and loud foul language. I'm constantly picking trash and trying to educate the ignorant golfer even though it has almost lead to several fights.

            By the way, what is so Fn cool about sticking your bottle caps in the dirt?
            I just hate to see that along with cig butts everywhere. Neigbors use that land to. How happy would you all be to see drunkin pot smokining loud foul mouth littering punks walking in front of your house every day?

            OK there is my rant.

            By the way this rant was not directed at Dan
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              Chopper- I can't remember who told me that. I thought I heard it from someone at Lunchtime League last summer, but I could be wrong. There always seems to be misinformation spreading about that course.

              And I didn't think you were aiming that rant at me. I wish everyone would treat all courses with more respect. It bugs the hell out of me that people would go somewhere, private property where they're not even charged a fee, and abuse the property.


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                Hopefully Dave, Treelove or someone else associated with the course will answer but...

                DO NOT use #5 long. The Church removed it because it was creating issues with the neighbors. Errant throws (my guess is 2nd throws by rec players).

                Never heard of a driveway to tee issue, but the likelihood of you being on the tee again while the lady backs out is probably super low.

                Please respect the rules of the church and don't use the old #5. It was a better hole, but we are all lucky to be playing this course on private land.

                Sorry if preachy sounding. I understand the original worry and probably would have given the woman a vitriolic tongue lashing myself.

                Random draw doubles Wednesday at 5:45pm for $2.


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                  BTW- For the elderly, standing in one spot and looking at something intently as you described isn't leering- it's essentially trying to maintain balance while also attempting to recall why you left your house a minute ago. Or you have a cute kid &/or wife. The old (as defined by my own eyes) are often briefly stunned at their first sighting each day of young flesh.


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                    im gonna smoke pot and use foul language as much as i want. but heres what im not going to do. im not going to smoke pot around children or other people because it is disrespectful, im not going to litter in any way shape or form on the course. and im not going to yell out foul language because it is disrespectful. i can curse quietly to myself. i think the problem is when people are disrespectful, such as littering and cussing loudly. as for smoking pot. if someone sees you, gets offended and asks you to stop, just stop, its not that big of a deal. and if it is, you shouldnt be playing a peaceful game like disc golf.


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                      Originally posted by Wes Hansen View Post
                      DO NOT use #5 long. The Church removed it because it was creating issues with the neighbors. Errant throws (my guess is 2nd throws by rec players).
                      That was in line with what I had heard. Did they ever put up a sign at the old tee pad, or even at the info board asking people to stop using 5 long? I don't ever remember seeing one. I'm not sure how people are supposed to know otherwise. The disc golf grape vine probably only gets through to about 10% of people who play at Lunchtime.

                      And Wes, I know the difference between an elderly person getting his bearings, and being glared at like I just punched a man's wife in the face.


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                        Wes, I find it hard to believe that the church removed that tee pad(not saying its not true)because the pad sat there in broken peices for over a month. If the church were to remove it they wouldn't break it up and let it sit so its a danger to golfers. Also I'm sure you have noticed that in the past when a tee was closed it was obvious. They put signage up along with some sort of blockage. I helped pour that pad years ago and I'm sorry to see it go.
                        It is the 4th tee to be closed or changed since I've been playing there.

                        Also I have been disapointed with course management since Justin Ubel left.
                        Who is the person in charge of the coure now? Gawain do you know?


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