Improvements here (new restrooms) and more coming, along with a small change in fees. Page Title Module
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    by the way...

    the bathrooms on tee #1 are dreamy!!! thank you bob & ricky & michael and everyone else for being such a warm and welcoming and hard working crew... and while i do consider these my own personal potties, i suppose it will be okay for other people to use them while i am not there...
    "'There are two mantras.,' Bernard said, 'Yum and yuk. Mine is yum.'"
    Tom Robbins, Still Life With Woodpecker


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      strong moves Horning's crew!

      Awesome! Keep up the good work!
      Your value added features and enhancements are much appreciated.

      111111 and 121212 crew!!! We'll see you in 13.

      Thank you!


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        Originally posted by Adam Schneider View Post
        I thought you already had 54 BBQ grills installed throughout the property. You mean that's not what those yellow things are?!
        55, if you count the one across the lake.


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