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  • Hagg Lake - Poison Oak and YellowJackets Beware!

    Played Hagg Lake last Saturday 8.25.12. I did not even go far into any rough and I am covered in Poison Oak.

    The 3 other guys all got stung by Yellow Jackets. One guy got stung over 12 times.

    If you plan on playing Hagg Lake make sure you wear long socks, pants, take precautionary measures with poison oak and watch out for wasps nests in the ground.

    Or you can bring a flamethrower and just torch everything.

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    Originally posted by Bullseye Disc Golf.com View Post
    Or you can bring a flamethrower and just torch everything.


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      Identify poison oak

      If you ran into poison oak and did not recognize it, then get the free pdf download of a booklet "The Sure-Fire Poison Oak & Poison Ivy Identification System" at www.poisonoakandpoisonivy.com


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        Play there all the time and have never gotten poison oak. Oh yeah, I don't get poison oak. The wife and daughter did get run out of hole three with some bee stings as well. It's getting that time of year where the bees are just pissed off anyway.


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          The worst pest problem out there is normally not yellow jackets, but they are there. There are many swarms of Bald Face Hornets, which are actually a type of paper wasp. They are rated as one of the most painful stings/bites in the world. I know. I have been attacked a few times. They change the location of their hive every year so trying to isolate/eliminate them is nearly impossible. Just be safe and if you are allergic, please take your Epi pen and meds with you!!!
          All I want for Christmas is Sharpies and Rit Dye!!!!


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            BEE NEST ON HOLE 12!
            Located at the bottom of the gully on the left hand trail.
            STAY TO THE RIGHT!!


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