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  • Changes at Greenway?

    I was there last weekend, 8/14, and it looks like they are making some changes to get 9 actual holes.

    Does anyone know if this is a new permanent set up, or just a temporary/trial configuration?

    They had a new hole 2 right after hole 1 and a new tee location for what is now 4, formerly 3.

    The tee areas were sectioned off with posts and string, but they hadn't actually been started.

    I thought the new hole 2 was too short and open to be of any interest. Even though it makes the course 9 holes instead of 8, it just didn't feel necessary or interesting at all. And that basket looks like it has seen better days.

    I really liked the old hole 3, now 4, and I don't understand the need to move the tee. I'm guessing it is to alleviate having to throw over the walkway, but I still don't think people should be throwing from the new too location if people are on the path way. It is still close enough to easily hook out and hit someone and I would say even more of the path is at risk now than in the previous location.

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    You're absolutely right about #3/#4; in fact, one could make the case that when you had to throw over the walkway, disc golfers would be MORE cognizant of potential collisions with pedestrians. Now maybe people won't think about it as much, but there's still a very good chance that griplock or a headwind (or a left-handed throw) could send one over the path.
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