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    Originally posted by Jason Philips View Post
    You'd think but would you rather as an officer pursue a someone giggling and laughing or someone methed out who will eat your face if they find the bath salts?

    In the meantime things like open smoking and use will cause problems for neighborhood parks plain and simple. Not everyone believes the cannabis is a good thing for this world and those are the people who will complain.

    Sad to hear about a course being pulled but it does sound like it was warranted no matter how I feel about the politics behind it.
    Do not mistake my remarks as an agreement with those that break the "laws" in our parks. I am all for disc golfers, in particular, going above and beyond to keep it legal in public. I nearly came to blows with one of my oldest friends when I told him he couldn't bring his bag full of beers onto the course a few weekends back.

    But I still stand by my comment, the police department has better things to do than be "on call" for some neighbors who do not like other people in their private park across the street.

    Now, if the school calls about a problem during school hours, then all bets are off and the offenders should be fined heavily. But I still think that the response time for this call will not be very fast...

    Hath this whole world been mired in madness?
    Remain ye men of faculty complete,
    Of full arithmetic and prudence fair,
    Attending to our noble bond and contract?
    Or does here stand the last remaining man
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    No noble savage, but a stave unbroken
    Who loves the law and bids it no misdeed.
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      Originally posted by Jeff Hemmerling View Post
      It is directly related to drug & alcohol use. I don't want that in my front yard either.
      'Nuff said.
      From one Jeff to another- amen brother!


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        Is there an official date that the course is being pulled or has that already happened?

        Now if someone would have approached Hauton B Lee Middle School about increasing their physical activity program with disc golf then this would not be an issue. I am willing to bet that Stumptown, Edge, Disc Golf Depot, Next Adventure all would be willing to help buy them discs to use and I am sure there are people on here humble enough to go show proper technique and course etiquette surrounding the game. It just takes someone with some initiative to step forward and take the reigns.

        Kindness is a great way to amass allies!
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          Originally posted by Flash View Post
          Is there an official date that the course is being pulled or has that already happened?
          Played the course for the first time today..

          It was a fun and technical course, and going to be a shame if it gets pulled.
          Don't knock it until you rock it!


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            I think the concerns are more school related than neighborhood related. I am on the fence on this one: Everyone knows the connection between player consumption (various) and disc golf, you would be naive if you were considering a DG park and did not. On the other hand, if your loop is small enough and you state your rules and reasons clearly, you would think that players would respect the local restrictions and would forgo consumption for the 45 mins - 1 hour it takes to play. Lunchtime tried to be adamant about this, and now the garbage cans are overflowing with empties and last time I played there was a pickup truck selling weed to players walking by. There is a line to draw at any course, and a cost to enforcement, but I don't think there are easy answers either way. I guess I respect their decision to pull the park based on school and neighborhood proximity, but would have liked to see them try one round of working with the DG community before pushing what seems like a knee-jerk reaction to one or a few incidents.


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              Pulling out Saturday, June 9

              We (Disc Domination) are pulling the course out on Saturday.
              There are many reasons that we have to pull the course. Very open drug & alcohol use, litter, loud noise (cussing across the park at a buddy) and my favorite, pissing on a tree near hole one. That one was caught in a picture and I'm trying to get a hold of it and make that guy a poster child of how to get a Disc Golf course pulled.

              We were going to buy the school a basket and had plans to assist with discs for a PE class but never got that far.

              For the record, we worked for over a year to get that course put in. We had to go through the community Board, the community vote, the school Principal and Gresham P & R. Disc Domination Disc Golf Club held fund raiser tournaments. Donations were gathered from businesses and players. All the baskets were paid for by four people, all funds raised paid for Tee pads.

              I am hopful that the loss of Columbia View is a wake up call and a lesson we can learn from.

              I want to thank all the Guy's of Disc Domination and every one that helped us get the course put in. There were many golfers that played it clean at Columbia View. There were many who picked up litter and some who even called out on those who were too open with smoking and drinking. I thank you all, as well.

              Phillip Kurtz


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                A sign may have helped as far as the drinking thing goes, not going to lie I drank a beer there the one time I played it, and asked other people there if drinking was okay, and was told yes. Just my 2 cents.

                P.s. Just read the rest of the thread, and didn't realize there is a sign there now. Oops!
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                  Thanks for all your hard work on this Disc Domination and others - sorry to hear that a few ended up ruining it for everyone
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                    we had a great time today.


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                      Originally posted by Jason Philips View Post
                      You'd think but would you rather as an officer pursue a someone giggling and laughing or someone methed out who will eat your face if they find the bath salts?
                      Was going back and reading about this closure, and just noticed this quote. I just want to say, as a tax paying citizen, I for damn sure want police officers both mentally and physically prepared and on the hunt for those who want to eat my face, not those who are giggling and laughing.

                      Your statement basically infers that police officers should be lazy and fearful, which is the behavior of police officers that makes most people hate all law enforcement. Lazy cops that pursue disc golfers with open containers/pipes pissing in the trees pretty much rate on the piece of shit scale as high as disc golfers who have open containers/pipes, pissing in the trees, IMO. I guess at least they give each other something to do, and could be doing way worse...


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