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    Rough and tough course....


    I went out and "played" the course with a friend of mine who knows it and lost three discs on holes 2 - 4. The first one went right off the 2nd tee, kicked right off a tree, and down a 100ft ravine full of salal (Orange beat Champ 163 Orc). The second seemed like a perfect pull off the tee that went past the pole where the basket will be and into a mix of young dough fir, salal, salmonberry, and anything else that could fit. THICK. I though I saw where it went in but no luck (Orange new Champ 175 Tbird). The third was a light anhyzer off the tee and my friend was spotting and saw where it went in. Again it went into the thickest stuff you ever see. We even had a machete and STILL COULDN'T FIND IT (My prized, beat, blue 170 Champ Eagle). After that, I stopped throwing drivers, save the one long clear hole close to the road.

    The course layout is great (doug firs, ELEVATION CHANGES, etc), but the amount of plant matter (dead and alive) that they are going to have to clear is going to be daunting. In the next month, a contractor is coming with some heavy duty brush clearing equipment and chippers that will clear most of that thick stuff (and probably two of my discs), but my greater concern is with both shanking (see first lost disc above) and footing in general.

    Any of you who have tried to walk through coastal forest will know what I mean. You have old downed logs covered in moss and other litter that looks like ground but isn't. Now walk on that stuff going down a ravine where your disc ended up. I know they are planning to clear the fairways and by the baskets, along with building some steps and walkways, but we know that discs could end up anywhere. It's going to take years of play to get it beat in enough.

    Even with everything cleared up better, I do not think this course is good for beginners or older folks. Because if you shank, it's bad. Even experienced guys will swear blue streaks. So when they open it, bring plastic you don't care about and a machete.

    That all being said, any course is better than no course. Thanks to Alma Baxter and the Ford Foundation the course is really starting to come together. They put out calls for hole sponsors and filled all of them (and had to turn people away). Because of the commitment to goals and $$$$ from the Ford foundation, the course is set to be completed by September. They seem real serious. I'm going to email her after this and tell her what I said here.
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      Thanks for the update Floyd,

      I have spent many hours back in that general area behind the Newport Airport riding quads and such, so I know the terrain is going to be interesting... The good thing about that area is it will be out of the coastal wind mostly!

      Do you know the details about the course? Tee pad construction type? (Will they have concrete tee pads?) And will they have 18 baskets and tee pads in by Sept? Who is designing this course layout? Who is spearheading this project?

      I feel an need to go home (Newport) and visit my family suddenly!

      Keep us updated!

      Thanks again


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        Any new info.


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          Any new updates? I am going to be in Newport next weekend and was wondering if there will be any kind of work party that weekend? Is it playable yet?


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            September is almost over. What's the story with this project?


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              Apparently there was a work party two weekends ago: http://www.newslincolncounty.com/?p=60981

              Lincoln County’s new disc golf course in South Beach is nearing a reality. Paperwork has been signed, basket sponsors have stepped up, funding has been approved, and now Central Lincoln Leadership Cohort 2 invites you to join in the fun part.

              A Work Party, open to the public, will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 15 and 16, from 8 a.m. to around 2 p.m. both days. The location is on wooded Wilder property across from the entrance to the Central Coast Community College in the South Beach area of Newport. Directions: Head east on SE 42nd Street. Park in the Community College parking lot, or anywhere nearby along the road.

              A crew of participants from the Ford Family Foundation Leadership Class and assorted volunteers have already spent one glorious weekend taking out their aggressions by downing a few selected trees, clearing shrubs, building staircases, and starting to create paths to each of the 18 holes. Now the real fun begins as basket preparation sites are cleared and developed. If you have them, bring work gloves, insect repellent, pruners, machete, clippers, brush hog, weed-eaters, loppers, chain saws. If you prefer a more sedate job, there’s plenty to do, including volunteer registration tasks, food setup, delivery of snacks to workers in the woods. Food and beverages will be provided.

              Disc golf resembles traditional golf, but the players throw Frisbee discs instead of hitting balls. A disc course has tee boxes, fairways and greens, and players aim to get their disc in a metal basket using as few tosses as possible. Different weight discs serve as drivers, mid-range, and putters, and a basic set of three discs generally costs under $25. When the Wilder Disc Golf Course in South Beach opens, admission will be free to everyone. Families and youth are especially encouraged to play the course.

              Landscape conservation and community collaboration are top priorities for this project. Site design and preparation have been carefully planned to retain the forested setting. And Will Emery and Bonnie Serkin, owners of the Wilder Development property on which the disc golf course is situated, have signed an agreement with the City of Newport. In this private-public partnership, management and maintenance of the course will be handled through the City‚s Parks and Recreation Department.

              Get involved. Have some fun. Help the community!
              Pre-registration for the Work Party is not required. Just show up. For additional information, contact Alma Baxter: 503-812-2016 or alma.baxter@bankofthewest.com.
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                New email forwarded, looks like their almost there:

                Local Area Announcement: October 6th and 7th we will be having work party to instal the Innova Baskets and finish the remaing 5 tee boxes. Anyone willing to participate we are asking you to bring in-kind,: shovels, weed trimmers, machetes, chain saws, wheel barrels, fuel for machines that you use, and rakes. What you bring others may use to help construct the course if you choose or wield your own if you like. Don't forget to wear hardy clothing and have a pair of gloves. The site is off HWY 101 1/2 mile South of the Newport Bay bridge. Heading South on 101 after bridge go 1/2 mile to a left on 40th street which become Harbarton St. and follow for 1 mile. Meeting at Harbarton st. and College Way at 8 am both days and work party until 2 pm each day. Thank you and any questions contact by text or call Stephen Burdick 5038120672 or Alma Baxter 5038122016
                It's not whether you've won or lost, it's how many beers you were driven to drink after you're done.


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                  Saw it in Facebook yesterday!! I am so happy to see another course added to the coast and can't wait to play this course as soon after Dr gives me green light to resume playing.

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                    I might get down there to check it out this week... maybe tomorrow.
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                      All baskets should be in today. Even though course fairways have been cleared, I'd bring a machete. Even then, I wouldn't throw your most valued plastic here. It's not that long, so I'd hold back on using drivers or use spotters. It's still a new/raw course. I'm not sure the course is going to be marked any time soon, so a map is here:


                      Two holes in particular could lead to instant loss of plastic:

                      Hole 3: If it goes/kicks right off a tree, it could go down the 100ft ravine and never been seen again

                      Hole 4: The pin is to the right of a thicket of salal. My orange teebird is still in there somewhere. I have no idea why they haven't cleared this.
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                      It's not whether you've won or lost, it's how many beers you were driven to drink after you're done.


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                        Headed there later this morning...
                        Oregon disc golf map


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                          Geez Louise. Rough as hell, but this will be a GREAT course once it's cleaned up and trampled down.

                          It is not a "beach" course; it's Stub Stewart with sea lions barking in the distance.
                          Oregon disc golf map


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                            I just reviewed the course on DGCR:

                            It's not whether you've won or lost, it's how many beers you were driven to drink after you're done.


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                              New article on this course

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                                Played the course today and really enjoyed it. It was sunny, calm, and quite lush. I lost two discs though, both with a name and number. 11xroc and champ firebird. One things for sure, this course needs to get played on a bunch before it turns into the perfect technical coastal course...
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                                May the wind be in your favor...


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