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  • Please Potentially help a course be approved by sending an e-mail in support!

    A dedicated local golfer has put in a lot of work lobbying the City of Ashland to approve a disc golf course at Ashland's municipally run ball golf course. The process though has hit some snags. You can help our cause by answering a few questions and e-mailing the answers to the city representative. Thanks for your help!


    Please email Don Robertson, director of Ashland Parks & Recreation if you would like to support getting a disc golf course in Ashland, Oregon. The course would be at Oak Knoll Golf course, playing with ball golfers.

    Email your responses to the following questions to Don Robertson -

    1.) How many days a week would you play disc golf in Ashland, Oregon if there was a 18-hole basket course?

    2.) Would you play disc golf on a course with ball golfers?

    3.) Would you pay to play disc golf on an 18-hole course that is well maintained?

    4.) Would you pay $4 for a round of disc golf on an 18-hole course?

    Thanks & Peace.

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    I just sent an email. I drive through that way 3-4 times a year and would love to have an awesome course to play. I go through Bend the other way usually to change up the drive. If there was a sweet course that way I would be much more likely to drive through Ashland. I think its good for them to realize that alot of disc golfers travel and that would bring in more money into their community which can't be measured by how many people play a day. I also know friends who live down there and they are not impressed with what there is to offer. Hopefully it helps!
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      Thanks for the support. If we can show enough positive interest it will definitely help plant the seed for the need for a course.


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        I sent a similar e-mail advising them that a family vacation will be planned that direction once the course is completed!


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          Email sent. Best of luck. Looking forward to a round of golf at Oak Knoll.


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            Posted this on the Garden City Flyers website.. Will put it on the Idaho site. Not sure where Norcal golfers post but I'll try to figure that out too..
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