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  • Monroe Disc Golf Course

    Hello everyone! I just recently joined this forum so that I could get in touch with other Disc Golfers in the area. Also I believe there is a good chance of getting a Disc Golf course put in Monroe within Al Borlin park and was hoping to meet some people that might be interested in some of the effort that it would take to get this to happen. Also it would be great to hear from some people that have participated in this in other area for exchanging ideas.

    Send me a message and let me know!

    Always looking to find new people to play with as well within the area as most of my disc golf friends are over in Bremerton.

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    This Portlander applauds your efforts!
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      Al Borlin park is really too small to accomodate a disc golf course, also, its in the flood plain for both the Sky and Woods Creek, which have both caused epic damage in the past.
      The shoreline changes every year.
      The thought of another course like Twin Rivers in Arlington concerns me, the baskets and tees will get washed out regularily, and mud will make the course unplayable for large portions of time.

      Lord Hill is huge in size, when compared to that little downtown park, and would be a much better place to locate a course.
      This park is almost all at higher elevations, so it would remain dry and playable for most of the year.
      An 18 hole, world class layout could be installed here, including water hazards and elevation changes.

      As an added bonus, maybe someone could convince the city of Snohomish that the 9 Discatchers they have in Ferguson Park could better serve the community if they were used for a more challenging disc golf layout.

      Then Monroe would only have to come up with the money for 9 baskets, and an 18 hole course could be reality.
      I dont know of anyone that is currently working with that area to develope new courses, maybe Lowell Shields could help point you in the right direction.


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        Capt Jack-

        I looked at Lords Hill but was a bit concerned about trying to make that happen as it is a wildlife/protected growth area. Also the Park is owned at the county level and might be a bit harder sell.

        I agree with the concerns of flooding, baskets can be made to be removed before the flood season but it sure would be nice to have a course that is playable all year round. As for the size, do you really think that 20 acres is too small for a nice 18 hole course?


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          Originally posted by Enginerd View Post
          As for the size, do you really think that 20 acres is too small for a nice 18 hole course?
          20 acres is fine for an 18-hole course, as long as most of that space is actually available to be used. Dabney and Timber are about 20 acres each.
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