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  • Course at People's Park (Spokane, WA)

    We received permission to put a new Disc Golf course at People's Park and across the Creek at an area I call West Hills. Cool!
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    This new course is an area west of Downtown Spokane, Wash
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      Sweet so they came to an accord then. Thats great. Whatever happened with tee's and baskets having to stay 200 feet away from the water/property lines? Throwing from the edges towards the center seems like it would cause way less property damage due to usage. Also would make for some great holes.
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        I lived in Spokane off and on for 10 yrs or so. The only area I knew ( but never visited) calld peoples park was the nue beach area. Is this the area you are talking about? It does look like a good area for a course. Have the nudists and other interesting behavior that happens there been pushed out? Or is there another area of Peoples Park that is designated for the course?
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          Yes that is the area...

          To whom it may concern...

          People's Park (through my research) has about 20 to 30 nude or (otherwise) bathers on the north shore of the Spokane River on any given warm day. (I read this) There are also some lewd men who hook-up with other men in that area. This is ((I'm sure) an unspoken reason that the Park Department gave this to us when I met with them in December.

          Similarly to Highbridge, we would essentially be the agents of change for that area. In my opinion we would need to proceed with a step by step plan to "re-identify" and "redefine" the area. There will be other sport entities using this area in the near future. I plan to meet with these other users and coordinate the development of the park in conjunction with their plans.

          Concerning the limitations of 200ft from the banks. I plan to meet with our Park Dept. contact concerning this and other details in the near future. I hope to sell them on the idea of having tee-pads near the banks and not baskets (for obvious reasons). There are other concerns as well that need clarification... prior to design.

          More on this at the SDGA Election Meeting on January 11th at 6:00pm at Stadium Pizza.

          See you there.

          PS - Sign up for a club membership and get a new Gateway Wizard. Not a bad deal for 20 bucks!

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