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  • Twin Cedars Disc Golf Course- Castle Rock, WA

    Owner/operator: Charlie Curry

    Course design: Adam and Sara (of Lucky Mud fame!)

    Holes: 9

    Baskets: DGA

    Tees: Well marked, with earth/grass pads- upgrades are planned.

    Hole length: <250'

    Cost: ???

    A great little 9 hole course, very beginner friendly, and equipped with brand new DGA baskets. Located on the grounds of the Toutle River RV Resort, Toutle, WA (I-5 exit 52). The course is short and well balanced- a mix of open fairways, tightly wooded holes, guarded pins and various OB. The course is relatively flat, with a few minor elevation changes, including a very custom raised tee box, tucked between the parks signature 'Twin Cedars'.
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    Can someone who goes out there please retrieve and scan a course map?
    Oregon disc golf map


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      It's pretty cool to design a course for someone who has no qualms about taking out trees, bringing in fill dirt, and making custom raised tee boxes (Charlie's idea that) and whatever else it takes to help make a beginner course more interesting. He has people on staff with all the know how and equipment to do just about anything.

      Sara and I had fun with it and Charlie is great to work for (we had our own golf cart to cruise the course with). He wanted to cater to his clients which are mostly families and retired folks travelling, most with limited experience with disc golf, but still have the course fun for all players. The site actually worked perfect for that as I doubt we would have been able to get more than 5 or 6 300-400ft holes in the 2 or 3 acres we had to work with. That said, anyone travelling I-5 should stop by and play if they want a nice walk to stretch their legs (and an ego-boosting score). It's literally 60 seconds off the freeway!

      The campground has EVERYTHING you can imagine and Charlie plans on completing a large covered recreation pavillion soon with many more activities offered. If you like fishing there is a short trail down to the confluence of the Toutle and Cowlitz (REALLY good fishing hole although crowded). Definately check out the course or plan a stay with your family. As someone who has worked for parks/campgrounds for 20 years, I can say the facilities and ammenities are top shelf!

      Thanks to Lowell for passing this one along and getting us the gig as DGA course designers!


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        Will this show up in the Southwest Washington folder some time? It made it to the bottom of page 2 in New Courses.

        I almost went there today. I thought I was taking the tractor's radiator to the shop in Kelso, but I took a shot at fixing it myself because it was a sunny day.
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          Fun little course and right along I-5 for a quick roadtrip breakerupper
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            I plan to play a round here on 4/24 as a break for myself and the child on our roadtrip from NW Washington down to Portland, OR. What time does the course open and close? Are there bathrooms available? Is this course friendly for my 2 year old? By that I mean, no cliffs, steep elevation changes, lakes, rivers, roads, or parking lots within child run off distance from the course? Half the time I'm a Shepard and the other half I get to play disc golf. The 60 seconds off the freeway thing has convinced me to stop here as a halfway point as opposed to Yauger. How much to play the big foot croquet? I will try to take pics and post them to:

            If this course is even barely playable, I will be utilizing it quite often as a rest stop. Any good local food place I can eat at for lunch?


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              I can answer at least one of those questions, the course is pretty safe for kids, you just have to watch out for the hardware that is laying around near some of the holes. Mostly its a nice open flat field.
              'Weekend 4 Women':
              Saturday, June 30th - Sudoku Showdown II - FREE PDGA XC Tier
              Sunday, July 1st - Seattle SuperClassic - FREE PDGA XC Tier


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                Thanks for the info. I will be playing here on 4/24. Will post review and pics to dgcoursereview.


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                  Put up a few photos, may do a review as well.


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                    This is a great stop on the way to Trojan! I played there while on vacation with my family. It was perfect for all ages and plays generous to the very new skill levels. There is a sweet beer pong graffiti/art too! Looks like there is more land to develop more difficult holes, if that is the direction they want to go. For being what it is, it finds a niche very well. Close off the freeway, simple to figure out, food stuffs close by or available, the giant croquet is very cool and unique, baskets are new, blue, and beautiful. Only 2 cons, need gravel on the tees, and of course the obvious, create more challenging holes.
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