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  • Keizer Rapids?

    Does anyone know what the deal is with this course? I heard from some people that it was going to be badass, then I heard that it's been modified (ie. shortened). Anyone have the heads up? I'd also like to participate in some work parties if possible.

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    They have a thread about it on the Capital City Disc Golf forum. Sounds like when the teepads, fairways, and greens were actually carved out, they ended up with a slightly shorter layout than had originally been mapped, especially on the front nine. I guess they've got to get together and figure out whether those can be easily lengthened by moving the teepads back, since I think they already poured the anchors.
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      kind of a short course it sounds like. but ill definitely go out and play it when its done. Maybe help out if they ever figure out what they are actually doing.


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        It won't be Oakway, but I don't think you could call it a short course. Look at the numbers on the back 9, even without "fixing" the positions:

        #10 306ft
        #11 420ft
        #12 200ft alt 230ft
        #13 400ft alt 235ft
        #14 360ft
        #15 375ft
        #16 490ft
        #17 195ft
        #18 240ft

        And keep in mind that 300 feet in the woods is a hell of a lot longer than 300 in the open; most of the front 9 is very wooded.
        Oregon disc golf map


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          sounds good. excited to play it in the future.


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            I'm very excited about it. It'll easily be the best course in Salem.
            Oregon disc golf map


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              Keizer DGC is now open

              The work party extended some tee pads and installed the rest. Fairways were worked on.

              18 baskets were installed!

              Be advised this is a very rough course. These are the short positions for many holes.
              Long pants and boots are recommended. There is poison oak and stinging nettles all over the place.

              Recommend that you print out a map if you want to play a round. Check out this thread for a map: MAP
              Tees are dirt with a 4X4 in the ground. Some of the tees are marked with a stake and number, most are not. There are walk-outs between many holes, some of those are marked with blue paint and bordered with sticks. There are no signs on the course yet.

              Bring your friends. You will need spotters unless you want to play your short game.

              Expect some changes within the next 6 months. Alt pins, changed tees, etc.


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                Anyone who still thinks this course will be too easy because of all the sub-300' holes should take a look at this photo of #7, which is about 250':

                The basket is out of view to the right. Those woods are denser than Adair #7.

                I collected lots of GPS data and will get an updated map together ASAP.
                Oregon disc golf map


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                  I appreciate everyone's hard work on the course. There's still a lot to be done, but hopefully with the baskets in the ground, we'll be able to better massage the fairways/tee pads/extra pin placements to make this course one of the best in the region.

                  I still envision adding several pin locations!!

                  Anyone coming out to play, please be mindful of the poison oak!! It is serious out here. We've worked hard to rid it out of the immediate fairways, but if you miss a shot, just be on the look out. Tecnu is your friend.

                  Thanks again for everyone's hard work.

                  Tee signs are coming soon!


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                    is it worth going out and playing yet? im just wondering if i should make the drive out, or if i should wait before the fairways are more defined.


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                      What kind of baskets did you guys install? If I see the basket in that picture it looks like Discatchers?


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                        We purchased Mach V's with the number plates.

                        Also, the fairways are taking a while. The City tractor lost a blade so it could be a while before they are completely cleared out.

                        It will be a great course once it's mowed out. I say give it a couple weeks. But if you're down here, it's worth a stop. Print off a map first.


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