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  • Course in Everett, Wa ??

    I didn't see anything posted about a course maybe going into everett. I have heard bits and pieces about it, but no real answer. If anyone has any info on it, Please share. Thanks

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    I am also eagerly awaiting news about the proposed course.
    I have not heard anything since last November regarding this.
    I would think that due to new budget restrictions, any costly improvements to parks will be shelved for now.
    I think most cities, including Everett, are still trying to figure out how they will provide basic services to thier residents with far less revenue coming in from sales taxes.

    Here is a copy of the last communication I had in regards to the new disc golf course, which was sent to me 11/10/08.
    A second meeting with Everett city Parks and Rec Department was held on November the third. The parks department really likes the idea of having a course in their park system. They will be following procedures for their ten year master plan and so this process will take a lot of time. The department wants to make sure that when they permanently put in the course that it stays in and is not compromised by future land issues. However, the good news is that they are pro disc golf and have positive energy and want to make this happen. The positive energy is coming from all of the top park officials.

    I can not give anyone a time frame as to when volunteers will be needed for the course. I will guess approval for ground breaking may take up to a year or longer, hopefully less. We do not want people to prematurely get excited and then let down and loose interest. I've had it happen to me on other disc golf projects, so full disclosure is the best way.

    The parks department did not say what sites would be considered for the course. They will be researching which sites would be good candidates and then letting us know. We appreciate any and all suggestions for consideration to pass onto the Parks and Rec department.
    Thats all I can tell you.

    The Jubinator might know more.


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      The P/R is still looking for the right home for the course. I have heard there might be a Port Townsend type demonstration sometime after the current season is over. Randy Cox is still the point man on this but you can believe me the info will be published when available.

      But in the mean time

      Volunteer at your other local courses. WENATCHEE, Trojan, Pier, Dexter Lakewood, Stelli (Super Tour), White River, The Tac all have events in the next three months so there are plenty of opportunities to help at "Organized Parties"!

      And you courses and TD's

      Don't keep your work parties a secret !


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        I really hope they look into North Everett, Japanese Gulch (which divides everett and mukilteo), Forest Park area, etc. There is a lot of wonderful areas in everett and I hope whatever they decide, that it is a quality course that would be considered one of the best in the state!
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