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  • Whidbey Island's first disc golf course.....

    I caught wind that there might be a park going up at Fort Nugent Park. I went by 6 months ago and it did not look very promising. I stopped by last week and saw that a lot more done in the park. There were concrete tee pads and all the pins concrete in. I called the parks today to ask a few questions about the park. The parks department went to a parks seminar and found a disc golf booth there and found deep interest. They met with a guy named (Lowell?) who is known to design courses and is a Ultimate champion??? Anyways, there are 18 holes and they are doing a "splash" opening the last week of May. They said they bought a kit from Innova that has all the baskets and signs. I am going to walk the whole 18 tommorrow and bring out my basket and lunk it around the course. I am excited because I want to build at least two more courses on Whidbey. Any ideas about setting up a club and getting tourneys started is much appreciated!

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    Can I join you? I live over on Marrowstone Island and I would love to join up with someone to play.
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      It's nice to hear that Whidbey is getting a course.
      It's even better that the city is putting it in. No need for a club to be the primary caretakers of the course. I hope that course designer that they used put together a good course.

      I am not happy that they put it in after I moved out of the state!


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        My wife and I are excited about Disc Golf on Whidbey Island. We have done the most amazing and the best DG courses on US and Canadian soil and have to say that this addition is really beneficial. We play Shelton, Elma, Steillacoom locally, but tour through the islands regularly and having more courses on Whidbey is a wonderful idea, Pender Island is the first disc golf course ever and is a perfect example of how our sport works.. If there is any mention to the environmentalists on Whidbey, remember, we also are environmentalists, and we play disc golf.... in some of the most sensitive areas in the USA, take Glendive montana for example, the disc golfers take regular dinosaur bones that are uncovered and give them to the museum. We disc golfers are a good bunch.


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