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  • Potential new course in Milwaukie needs YOUR input!

    Here's the deal, Oregonians (and Washingtonians): a new disc golf course is on the table as a possible option for a new park being planned in northern Clackamas County, just east of Milwaukie -- this would be the only course on the east side of the river inside I-205. But it's just as likely that they might decide to go with a "100% wilderness, 0% recreation" option. So, the powers-that-be need to hear from every last disc golfer in the metro area.

    I've personally attended several public meetings about the future of the "Harmony Community Campus," but the people in charge have assured me that comments submitted through their Web site will carry just as much weight as the paper forms they had available at the meetings.

    Here's the page with the suggestion form: http://www.harmonyvision.org/public_involvement.html

    They've put two options out there, for which they've created PDF maps: "Option 1" (with disc golf) and "Option 2" (no disc golf). But they've made it clear that it's not either/or -- some aspects of each map will eventually be used.

    So don't just write a message saying, "Option 1 is awesome cuz I love disc golf." Tell them why you think there should be a course there. Here are some potential "talking points":

    • A disc golf course requires little modification of the natural environment
    • All ages and abilities can play, including young children
    • Another recreation option for bored teenagers
    • It would be a good fit with recreation programs at the adjacent Aquatic Center & O.I.T.
    • This part of town has zero disc golf options at the moment
    • A close-in course means less wasting gas driving to the 'burbs to play; this course will also be MAX-accessible (they're really emphasizing "sustainability" in this planning process)
    • Sustainability notwithstanding, disc golfers do often travel to play a quality course, and spend money at local businesses (restaurants, etc.)
    • People play disc golf year-round, meaning there would always be "eyes" on the park, which would help keep the transients away; the "wilderness-only" option would make it more welcoming to sketchy characters
    • Other local urban courses (Greenway, Leverich) have shown that disc golfers and pedestrians can co-exist
    • The course could be installed using volunteer labor from local clubs and individuals

    So let's flood their inboxes with enthusiastic but well-reasoned support. Tell your friends and neighbors. Maybe we should put up flyers at local courses that have "kiosks" -- like Lunchtime?

    ...also, I see there's a Stumptown meeting this week; I assume someone will put this on the agenda?
    Oregon disc golf map

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    Comments sent.
    educate your thinking


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        Comments made. Way to stay on them about this one. It's a great opportunity.
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          What a great piece of land! I am an enthusiastic Disc Golfer and would love to see this piece of land utilized for such purposes. I live all the way down in Corvallis but would travel to this location (as many others would) just to play the course. That would also mean local business would have my support, as well as the support of hundreds of other golfers that regularly travel to play. I reviewed both options and like parts of each one. I obviously am an advocate for disc golf, but like the idea of extensive trail options, and a dog park. I am not a fan of the sports field option, as they are generally expensive to install and maintain. Disc golf courses are relatively easy to install, have a low impact on the environment, and are sustainable through the efforts of local disc golf members!

          Thank you for your consideration in the matter,

          Dion Arlyn

          Team DISCRAFT
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            FYI, they only included "sports fields" on one of the maps because so many people (soccer moms, baseball dads, etc.) asked for it during the public input period. The chance of them actually draining, grading, and mowing that area to create fields is slim to none.
            Oregon disc golf map


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                Done and done!

                And bonus...this potential course is less than 1/4 mile from where I work.

                Last edited by Carie CPink; March 10th, 2009, 01:17 PM. Reason: wanted to add additional info without creating a second post.


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                  Comments sent. C'mon people. Everyone should be writing in. It only takes a minute.

                  Adam, do you know the time frame for getting these comments in? Or for getting a course in, if they make the right decision?


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                    Originally posted by dan View Post
                    Adam, do you know the time frame for getting these comments in? Or for getting a course in, if they make the right decision?
                    They haven't mentioned a specific deadline for comments, but the next meeting is April 23 -- so definitely before then. But on the paper form, it said to return them by Friday, March 6 -- which means you should register your opinion as soon as possible.
                    Oregon disc golf map


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                      Done - From Vancouver


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