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  • I have a location idea for a new disc golf course in Portland proper.

    With so many public parks, and natural areas in town, I think I may have come up with a great location for a new DGC.

    But I have no idea where to start, who to talk to.

    Very early in the idea process, not even sure if the public land can be used. But if it can, boy howdy! What a spot.

    Any ideas where to start, who to talk to?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Where's the spot you're thinking of? It's possible we've discussed it on this forum before.
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      Rocky Butte area.


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        That would be a rockin place to play. And it's sort of on my way home from work. What a way to wind down.


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          I think so. The entire East side along the butte, is heavily wooded, and has lots of potential. It wouldn't be a long course, but I'm sure it would be very challenging. And I'm sure disc golfers would keep it up much better than the vagrants that currently hang out there.

          Just imagine if there was a few holes throwing up into the butte, and a few throwing down. A la hole 4 @ Rooster E. I think it could be pretty awesome.

          I know that Portland Public Parks runs it, so I'm looking into what/can be done.


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            I grew up next to rocky butte and have though about the possiblity of a discgolf course up there for awhile. There is not alot of spots that would work. The only spot that I think has a possibity of being approved, would be on the north east side over by the bmx course, down the street passed the grotto. Its not a super hugh area, but it is very hilly. I could see a very challaging 9 hole course fitting in this area. Kinda of a baby stubb steward. There are a few challages. The grotto and portland bible own alot of property in that area. The area is large, but narrow. The I205 freeway is to the east, and any possiblity of a stray disc ending up on I205 would not work. The bmx course mentioned above may also be an issue. I know that it was not built with the premission of the grotto or the parks department. There have been attempts to remove it in the passed, but it has been there for almost 30 years. That may present a roadblock in some way. Not sure how but it might. Best of luck to you, would love to have course in the middle of pdx. If you get some momentum on this project I would be happy to help any way that I can. I have hike the entire park as a child and would be willing to show you some areas that might have enough space up there.


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              I spent a large portion of my Hi-school and younger college years looking down or staring up the cliffs rock climbing. Very fond of that area, but it is a very tough neighborhood on the bottom section where a small course could work. Sandy and 82nd is synonymous for offering many temptations for sale. Those cliffs seem to attract many people to see what large items they can toss off the cliffs and see crash to the ground. The climbing groups worked hard at the time trying to keep the litter and other items cleaned up, but I remember it being a daunting task. The Grotto also owns a large chunk of land up to the cliffs making it tough to have a long smooth flow of a course, but it would be a fun area to have one regardless.
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                Agreed- I think the only area it would work is on the East side by I-205. I think the freeway would be far enough that a wayward disc couldn't get through, but you never know. I think there could be a way to incorporate the cliffy areas on the North East side, way past the BMX part.

                More to come...


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