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  • NIRDGC Meeting Feb. 9th

    Just wanted to let anyone who is interested know that the North Idaho Recreators Disc Golf Club will be holding its first meeting for 2011 on Wed. February 9th, 2011 at 7pm(ish) at Rapid Fire Plastics Disc Golf Store in Post Falls. Anyone is welcome to attend and voice their opinions and concerns. Nominations and possibly voting for board positions will also happen as well as outlining plans for the upcoming disc golf season. Hope to see many of you there. Only current NIRDGC members will have the ability to vote.

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    I hope to see some new faces and some Spokanites at the NIRDGC meeting on Wed. See you there!


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      [COLOR="black"]Here's the minutes from our club meeting. More to come at next meeting as well.[/COLOR]
      North Idaho Recreators Disc Golf Club
      Wednesday, February 9, 2011

      Board Members: Kevin Locke – President – present
      Scott Wardian – Vice President – present
      Jack Wardian – Treasurer – present
      J.P. Crouch – Secretary – not present

      Topics of Discussion:

      A. Membership
      a. New and renewing member fees will remain at $20/year
      b. Membership still to include disc, reduced fee at league events, and voting privileges
      c. New option - $15 membership and member will not receive disc
      d. All renewing members will receive a black tag for free, new members/non-members for last year will be charged $5 for their black tag
      e. $5 for red tag for those players who qualify or a player may opt into the red tag for free if they passed on their club disc option
      B. Club Charter
      a. The board will write up a charter of rules specific to the North Idaho Recreators Disc Golf Club that will be modeled after what the PDGA has provided as an outline and will be similar to that of the Garden City Flyers Disc Golf Club
      C. Officers/Elections
      a. Nominations will be open for all board positions. Any current 2011 NIRDGC member is eligible to run for club officer positions.
      b. Nominations will be open until the next meeting at which time elections will take place to fill all positions for 2011
      D. Club Discs for 2011
      a. A meeting voted was used to decide that we will order 50 club discs for 2011
      b. Disc model will be voted on at next club meeting with the order placed shortly after that
      c. Submissions will also be taken for a new club logo, which will be use on club merchandise for 2011. The logo will be voted on at the next club meeting
      d. The club has numerous disc leftover from years past that members may also purchase or choose for their 2011 club disc
      E. League
      a. League will be conducted similar to years past
      b. A meeting vote was used to determine that league will be held on Wednesdays only this year
      c. The first league date will be Wednesday April 6, 2011 @ Corbin Park DGC
      d. The course rotation will be:
      i. Corbin Park Disc Golf Course – 1st, 3rd, and if needed 5th Wednesday of each month
      ii. Cherry Hill Disc Golf Course – 2nd, and 4th Wednesday of each month
      iii. Other venues and events will be announced on an TBD basis for club functions
      e. Jack Wardian has volunteered to run Wed. league events at Corbin Park DGC
      f. Ben Squires has volunteered to run Wed. league events at Cherry Hill DGC and would appreciate any volunteers to assist him with this or fill in on days he cannot make it.
      g. No handicaps will be calculated this year as this has proven to be to take up too much time; weekly league average scores may be tabulated.
      h. The same monetary structure will be used this year as in years past
      i. $1 for members to play, $2 for non-members
      ii. $1 optional ace pot and $1 optional closest-to-the-pin (CTP) contest
      F. Bag Tags
      a. This years bag tag format will include a new set of bag tags in as effort to keep low numbered tags local
      b. For those club members who wish to play for tags, everyone will be eligible to purchase a black tag for $5 (if not a renewing member from 2010)
      c. Those who are eligible will also have the option of buying a red tag for an additional $5 – the criteria for buying a red tag will be forthcoming at the next club meeting – not all players will be eligible to purchase a red tag
      i. Initial distribution will be based on attendance from league events from last year
      ii. Secondary distribution will be based on attendance from the first half of league this year. Players who make at least half of league events from April 6 thru July 6 (14 weeks, minimum 7 attended) will then also be eligible to buy a red tag
      d. All players who wish to purchase a red tag must be willing to forfeit tag to a lower number if absent for more than two consecutive weeks or be willing to play a league event immediately if contacted. Contact information from red tag holders must be given to the board before a red tag will be given out.
      e. Red tags will cost an additional $5 for EVERYONE – no exceptions.
      f. 75 black tags will be ordered for all bag tag players while only 30 red tags will be ordered
      g. Announcement for red tag eligible players will be made before the first league event along with the criteria that was used to determine who was eligible
      h. Black tags will be distributed on a first come first serve basis
      G. Insurance for league play
      a. The city of Post Falls has brought up the idea of liability insurance for the club league events. This issue is due to the club bringing in funds raised at league. We are currently discussing the matter with city officials and a final report will be given at the next meeting. This may, or may not, affect league fees.
      H. Treasurer’s Report
      a. The NIRDGC currently has over $2400 available for 2011
      b. Expenses and club projects for 2011 will be discussed further at the next meeting
      I. Next Scheduled Club Meeting
      a. The next NIRDGC meeting will be held on Wednesday, March 23, 2011. Location and time TBD

      Notes taken by NIRDGC Vice President, Scott Wardian, filling in for absent secretary.

      Meeting attendees: Jack Wardian, Jonathan Stout, Jack Baldwin, Bobby Boyd, Billy Irons, Tom Walker, Ben Squires, Josh Fish, Dan Gibbs, Kevin Locke, and Scott Wardian – 11 total attendees.

      Topics left to be discussed at next meeting include but are not limited to:
      A. NIRDGC becoming a PDGA affiliate club – cost $25 to PDGA gets all club members $5 discount on PDGA memberships and other benefits.
      B. website and forums – please use this website for local disc golf discussions
      C. Local course improvements – numerous, course improvement master plan
      D. Club involvement with Farragut Open and/or other local events
      E. New courses – Heyburn S.P., Fernan Village
      F. Acquiring baskets from NIC
      G. Local sanctioned events – club possibly pay for officials certification fee if member interested in running sanctioned event locally
      H. Club starting ace pot for league - $50, $75??? Ace pot format - $100 cap etc
      I. Other ideas…


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