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    We had a whopping 7 people show up to our meeting, and only 1 new face. The club now has a position and it will submit that to the city on the 8th. I hope the city receives it well. I don't know what our next course of action will be. To sum up the Club's position we are asking for a 14 hole course to be played from Memorial Day to Labor Day then an 18 hole course the rest of the time.There would be 2 holes added in the proposed camping area that would be off-season holes and current holes 2 and 15 would become seasonal as well. We are looking to re-align a few holes, add a new hole after current hole 8/before hole 9, and change hole 12 a bit. We even offered to start some of the changes this summer (i.e. to make hole 2 seasonal and change hole 12). We'll see if they bite.

    And if anyone is interested in attending the first official North Idaho Recreators Disc GOolf Club Meeting for 2010 we are planning on holding it on Wed. Feb. 10 at 6:30pm. All are welcome to come even if you don't want to join the club. Officers will be elected, club discs chosen, and many other topics will be discussed.


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      We had 10 people show up to the NIRDGC meeting on Wed. the 17th. Of the many topics discussed was the changes to Corbin Park. In order to work with the city and help ease user conflict around hole 2 the basket will be pulled on Memorial Day weekend of this year and not put back until Labor Day weekend. The club will purchase 1 new basket for a new hole that will play between holes 8 and 9 that will be installed ASAP along with a cement tee hopefully soon to follow. We will work with Dave Fair with PF Park and Rec to get permission for the two seasonal holes in the camping area and see if we can play them as buckets this year - perhaps until Labor Day or all summer, we'll see. We will also probably be moving the basket to hole 4 to ease conflict at the baseball field as well and we are looking to move hole 12 soon also. We will move the teebox up to where the short basket position currently is on the end of the parking lot and install a new sleve in the rocky swail area just north of hole 2's basket. A group of club members went to Corbin on Sat. to start looking at where it will be best to put the two seasonal holes in the camping area and will present that info. to Dave Fair hopefully within the next week. I'll post more when I know more.


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        Originally posted by Adam Schneider View Post
        Why must it be 9 or 18? Why not find a nice 12- or 15-hole layout? Or 11 or 14?
        Sound thinking Adam, I never understand why a course MUST be 18 or 9 or 27 holes. I would rather see 13 really awesome holes than 18 crappy ones. Check Terrace Creek in MLT.
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          Latest Corbin info from Rapid Fire Plastics:

          Hey, All

          Good news on Corbin Park: we got final approval from the City to expand the Disc Golf Course to 18 holes on a seasonal basis. After getting the preliminary green light to proceed last week, Kevin Locke, Dan Gibbs, Cody Slonim, Jared Massie, Marc Wardian and myself met at the course last Saturday to mark locations for new and/or alternate baskets and tee pads per our proposal to the Park & Rec Commission a couple months ago. Thursday Kevin and I met with Dave Fair at the Park to get his final stamp of approval on the layout. With a few minor adjustments, he gave us the okay to proceed.

          The 18 hole course will add 2 new holes west of the main entry road and one new hole to be played after hole #8, paralleling the road just above Hole #9's tee. Hole #5 will change to avoid using the road as the fairway. The tee will move to the west side of the road and closer to the basket, so shots will cross the road but not follow the road. The long pin position will become the new short position, and a new long pin location will be put in on the hillside below #6 tee.

          This layout will be in play up until Memorial Day weekend. At that point, it will revert to a 15 hole course (later to be 14 holes once the Park is redesigned - in 2 to 4 years). During the summer months, hole #2 will be removed, as well as the two new holes in the western section of the park. Also, a new summer pin position will be used for hole #4 so discs are not thrown across the ball field, and an alternate tee pad and basket location will be used for hole #12 so discs are not thrown over the parking lot.

          After Labor Day, the course will go back to the 18 hole layout again - until the following Memorial Day.

          At this point, the Club has already purchased one new DISCatcher basket and several extra sleeves. We have ordered enough "Launch Pad" material for 4 tee pads. We do not have the funds on hand for the other two baskets at this time. As quickly as we can raise the funds to purchase them, we can install them and use them - up until Memorial Day. We are asking for donations for this purpose. If everyone who uses the course at Corbin will chip in a few dollars - $5, $10, $20 or more - we could very quickly cover the $700 cost of those two baskets. Rapid Fire Plastics will be the drop-off point for your donations for the "Corbin Improvement Fund", and has offered to cover the credit card fees if anyone wishes to donate via card.

          Also, it will take some volunteer labor to actually install the new baskets, extra sleeves, and tee pads. A sign-up sheet is also available at Rapid Fire for this purpose. Get your name on the list so we can call you when an actual work party is scheduled. This development will only happen if we have enough helping hands. The Parks Dept. has offered to assist us with moving and setting some logs and rocks to keep vehicles from parking in fairways (for holes #9, #11 and #12). They won't do it for us, but they will help us get it done. If we move quickly, we could have the 18 holes playable by mid April !!

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            Originally posted by Parks View Post
            Latest Corbin info from Rapid Fire Plastics:
            Thanks for all the hard work all you guys are doing to keep one of the best playing disc golf courses in the area fun to play. I like where the buckets are in place for the other holes as Dan and Cody showed me where they play from. Should be a really fun set of holes.

            Organize a work party that doesn't fall on a day I work or a day that a tourney is playing and I will do whatever I can to help.

            This is a sign that disc golfers are not only on the ball but ready for war when it comes to getting things ruined by poor park planning.
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              Corbin Work Party April 20th

              I just wanted to let everyone know that the NIRDGC is trying to organize a work party at Corbin Park DGC on Tuesday April 20th (spare me the 4:20 jokes please - they really aren't that funny) at 5pm. The deal we have with the city of PF is that if we get at least 6 volunteers they will donated the use of a tractor and chainsaw that will be run by a city worker, if we don't get at least 6 signed up in advance we don't get the city's help. The plan is to place log barriers on holes 11, 12, and new hole 5 to block cars and to get any other work done that needs to be. We have a new basket for the hole that will be located between holes 8 and 9 and 2 sleeves have been installed for that hole. I also believe the sleeves for the 2 seasonal holes on the west side of the park may also be ready to go we just need to raise money to pay for the baskets so donations would be much appreciated. Also, the rubber mats that we will be using for the 3 (or 4) new teeboxes should be in tomorrow so we need to get those ready and installed. There will be a small group out there working on some stuff on Sunday so if you are not playing the DRO I am sure they would appreciate your help. If you have any questions or want to sign up for the work party call Jack at (208) 691-1126 or stop in at Rapid Fire Plastics and make a donation please.


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                So I saw some of the baskets have been moved. 5 has been placed in the super anhyzer spot for RHBH. And 12 has been moved further back. Not an easy deuce anymore.

                As for the work party. It looks like I'm going to be late. I have to be here at Apex to at least 5 if everything goes well. After I get off I'll fly out there.

                "Honest work is for the downtrodden and the Polish"
                Cleveland Brown


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                  Old hole 5 no longer plays from its original teepad so DO NOT THROW FROM THAT TEEPAD - PERIOD. Dave Fair (PF Park and Rec. Director) was adament about not having the road be the fairway for that hole so do not throw that anymore. There are 2 new holes to the west of the road being played with buckets until the club can get enough $$$$ to buy 2 new baskets. There is a new rubber teepad for new hole 5, new hole 6 throws off the big cement slab that was there previously, and you back track to the same pad to throw new hole 7 (old 5 basket). There will be congestion for the new holes 6 and 7 and I hope we can remedy that soon but remember to not play from the old teepad for hole 5, it will probably be removed soon anyway. There is a new hole between old holes 8 and 9 that is new hole 11, it throws from the new rubber pad to the new basket. Old hole 12 (new hole 15) has been move as well. There is a rubber pad up by the old short pin position that plays to a new basket nearish to hole 2, pretty cool hole so far. When that basket gets moved to its original position then you will tee off from the old dirt pad. Corbin is still a work in progress and the NIRDGC is working to raise funds to pay for 2 new baskets (and to pay for the rubber teepads that have already been installed). Thanks to all the disc golfers who have helped make that new work possible and hopefully we get a strong turnout tonight to get more work done. IF we get enough volunteers out tonight we have plans to move rocks to block cars from parking in bad areas on the course. Corbin is still a work in progress. Hopefully in the near future we can make some changes to Cherry Hill as well to try and make it a better more challenging course as well but we have no plans (just ideas) yet.


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                    Is there a map of the new course layout?


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                      There should be some at the sign board near hole 18 (old hole 15) and I know you can get them at Rapid Fire Plastics Disc Golf Store in Post Falls.


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